Mobile Devices – An Under-Recognised Business Risk: Merge Communications Spotlights the Neglected Frontier of Mobile Device Security

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Merge Communications 28-5-24

Did you know that there are 5.9 million mobile phone connections in New Zealand?

While most New Zealand businesses take laptop and traditional IT hardware cyber protection seriously, mobile devices tend to be overlooked. A significant number of business mobile phones and tablets in New Zealand are not equipped with sufficient cybersecurity measures, leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks and exploitation.

Recognising the growing need for business mobile phone and tablet protection, Wellington’s Merge Communications presents Samsung Knox as protection against mobile device digital attacks. As leaders in Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, they reinforce the importance of robust mobile device digital defence for businesses.

Mobile Phones: The Overlooked Risk in Business Security

The disparity in security measures between laptops/desktops and smartphones is stark. Many businesses, equipped with advanced security systems and tools for traditional computing devices, unwittingly leave a gaping vulnerability with mobile phones. This oversight leaves the door wide open to an array of threats, placing corporate data in jeopardy.

Motivating Businesses Toward Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

Some businesses might have delayed implementing protection for mobile devices, mistakenly thinking it to be either challenging or costly. However, the technology has advanced significantly, and there are now tools available to safeguard your mobile devices that are both simple to use and affordable.

Applying modern cybersecurity tools to your mobile devices provides robust security measures against a variety of cyber threats:

  • Phishing, where hackers deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information through seemingly legitimate messages or emails,
  • Malware, with malicious software installed on the device to steal data or monitor activities without the user’s knowledge,
  • Spyware, a specific type of malware, clandestinely observes the user’s actions and collects personal information,
  • SIM swapping attacks involve hackers transferring a victim’s phone number to a SIM card in their possession, enabling them to intercept messages and bypass security protocols,
  • Lastly, network spoofing, where hackers create fake Wi-Fi networks to lure users into connecting, allows them to easily capture any data transmitted over the network.

A Cautionary Tale of Complacency

A single successful cyber-attack on a mobile device that results in data loss for a business or organisation could result in a breach of the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, under which fines start at $10,000 per instance and have been known to be as high as $150,000.  This is without counting the brand damage caused and any other costs incurred to recover from the data breach.

Presenting Samsung Knox: An Innovative Solution for a Global Issue

Samsung Knox is an all-encompassing mobile security solution, endorsed by Merge Communications, which is designed to fortify businesses against the multifaceted mobile device cyber threats faced today. It is versatile, supporting anywhere from 20 to over 1000 connections within a company, proving it’s suitable not only for large corporates but for smaller enterprises as well. “Samsung Knox is a game-changer in the way we approach mobile security,” asserts Paul Butterworth, Managing Director of Merge Communications. “It’s about elevating our defence mechanisms, ensuring our business systems are fortified against the range of cybersecurity threats.”

Corporate Cabs, acclaimed as a “Superbrand” for two consecutive years, has chosen Samsung Knox for its mobile device management needs. Mobile phones and tablets are crucial in Corporate Cabs’ operations, requiring top-notch security, reliability, and maintenance. Samsung Knox delivers a leading-edge solution, enabling Corporate Cabs to easily manage, secure, and customise devices through a user-friendly cloud portal.

Crafting a Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Device Security

Adopting an effective mobile device security stance involves more than just technical solutions; it demands a strategic approach to mobile device security. With Samsung Knox, businesses can secure their mobile environments comprehensively, addressing everything from active device management to the secure disposal and data sanitisation of obsolete devices.

About Merge Communications

At the forefront of mobile cybersecurity, Merge Communications specialises in crafting solutions that tackle the digital age’s challenges head-on. With a focus on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and pioneering technologies like Samsung Knox, Merge Communications is dedicated to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed for secure and efficient operations in today’s interconnected world.


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