John Field: Creating A Legacy of Building Dreams and Community Support with Fieldworx

John Field, the founder of Fieldworx, has a rich history that intertwines his passion for construction with a deep desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. His journey began with “Hire A Hubby” in the early 2000s, a venture that stemmed from his love for building homes, while teaching before 2000. The transition from education to entrepreneurship was driven by a practical mindset and a genuine desire to assist others.

John Field

The initial focus on Hire A Hubby allowed John to leverage his skills and passion for woodworking. With a well-equipped workshop and a knack for crafting recycled Rimu furniture, John’s business flourished. The team expanded with the addition of his son-in-law, a qualified joiner and Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP). After years under the Hire A Hubby franchise, John decided to break free and establish Fieldworx, a move that allowed him to exercise greater independence and flexibility.

Fieldworx specializes in renovations and alterations, offering a comprehensive service package that includes plumbing, electrical work, gib stopping, painting, tiling, and flooring. The business’s tagline, “We love doing your homework,” reflects their commitment to providing solutions for clients’ needs.

The target market for Fieldworx encompasses a diverse range, including individuals seeking home additions, exterior projects like decks and fences, property maintenance for both commercial and domestic landlords, and retirees in need of reliable and trustworthy services.

What sets Fieldworx apart is its commitment to communication, organization, and innovation in every project. With a skilled team and a hands-on approach to project management, John ensures that clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Beyond business, John is deeply involved in social giving, supporting local community initiatives, churches, and special needs groups. His commitment to charity extends to various causes on platforms like Givealittle.

In conclusion, Fieldworx is more than a construction business; it’s a testament to John Field’s dedication to craftsmanship, community, and compassion. The legacy he’s building extends beyond bricks and mortar, reaching into the hearts and homes of those he serves and supports.

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