Devonport 7-Day Pharmacy – Boosting Immunity This Winter

Flu viruses spread yearly, and new strains can develop, potentially causing worldwide pandemics.
The influenza season officially runs from May to September. Nobody is immune to the flu, and you
may not even contract the virus.
How do you get the flu?
The flu is a contagious viral infection. It is transmitted from person to person through infected droplets,
typically spread by sneezing and coughing.
The immune system is your body’s surveillance system and is one of the most complex systems in
your body.
How can you boost your immunity?
Although the flu vaccine is a crucial defence mechanism against the flu virus, it cannot completely
protect against illness.
You’ll be glad to know that there are simple and effective actions you can take daily to strengthen your
immune system.
To protect yourself, it is essential to avoid contact with anyone who may have been infected and to
steer clear of crowded places with poor ventilation. Additionally, frequent hand washing is crucial, and
avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Good nutrition
Eat a balanced diet full of food high in antioxidants, such as fruit and vegetables.
Regular exercise
Maintaining your exercise routine is essential as it helps boost your immune system. In addition,
regular exercise is excellent for both your immune system and your mental health.
Get enough sleep
It is equally important to prioritise getting enough sleep to avoid catching the flu during winter.

Drink lots of water
Drink lots of water. Water helps to flush toxins from the body and keeps mucus in the respiratory tract
Manage your stress
Individuals can manage their stress, particularly in the long term, which could aid in combatting
Supplement support
Vitamins can help support the body’s immunity if you cannot get enough nutrients from food alone.
Conversely, lacking specific vitamins, like vitamin C and zinc, can weaken the immune system, so
getting the correct professional advice will help keep the flu at bay.
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