Vibrant Transformation of Pacific Resort Rarotonga Loading Bay: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Like most Hotels and Resorts, the back of house at our resorts often takes a back seat to the public spaces that the guests see. In this behind-the-scenes look, we are happy to share changes to the loading bay at Pacific Resort Rarotonga. A space frequented daily by staff and often seen by suppliers and tradespeople.  This area has undergone a stunning transformation, captivating the attention of staff and visitors alike.

Rejuvenating the Loading Bay

The loading bay, while always clean, lacked vibrancy. Recognising the need for a refreshing change, Regional Manager Ani Thompson commissioned Kaia Dearlove for the task. Kaia is a prodigious young artist with deep familial ties to Pacific Resort Hotel Group. What began as a modest endeavour quickly evolved into an ambitious project, driven by Kaia’s boundless talent and unwavering dedication.

The Importance of Colour

Adding colour to the environment was essential.  University of Pennsylvania research highlights that positive emotions and attitudes at work are linked to better job performance, increased creativity, stronger teamwork, higher job engagement, also improved job satisfaction and organisational commitment.

Choosing Orange and Midnight (Mana Blue)

Orange, chosen based on insights from ‘Inspired Spaces,’ radiates warmth and happiness, combining the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Focussing minds on physical comfort, known for its optimistic and uplifting qualities. Midnight, or Mana Blue, is a key colour in Pacific Resort Hotel Group and Pacific Resort Rarotonga branding, framing the loading bay, and creating a visual effect that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Birds of Paradise and Pareu Prints

Kaia needed to incorporate Birds of Paradise from the company logos into the floral design. She carefully studied the logos for Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Te Manava Luxury Villa’s and Spa, and Pacific Resort Hotel Group, seamlessly integrating them into her artwork. The result beautifully captures the brand’s essence, creating a visually stunning and meaningful mural. Additionally, Pareu prints reflect an integral part of Polynesian culture. Replicated on the wall, this brings cultural heritage and visual interest.

About the Artist: Kaia Dearlove

Kaia Dearlove, a well-known local artist, was the ideal choice for this project. Her grandfather, Neil Dearlove, supplied coffee beans to Pacific Resort Rarotonga for over a decade. And her grandmother, Janet, was renowned for her wedding cakes. Kaia’s artistic journey began with henna tattoos at local markets, becoming one of the most renowned young artists in Rarotonga.

As the owner of Henna Raro, Kaia worked on the mural during the afternoons when the loading bay was less busy. Asked to incorporate elements of the Birds of Paradise from the company logos into her floral design, Kaia seamlessly integrated these elements into her artwork, beautifully capturing the brand’s essence. Her paintings and prints are available at the coffee shop. Kaia has a studio in Rarotonga, located in Matavera across from Kaps store. Follow her on Instagram

Bringing the Project to Life

Throughout the project, staff members, suppliers, and visitors frequently stopped to chat with Kaia about her art. She enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the positive interactions she had with the team. Kaia’s beautiful contribution to the space is greatly appreciated. It brings a vibrant, welcoming, and culturally resonant atmosphere to the Pacific Resort Rarotonga loading bay.

The Pacific Resort Rarotonga loading bay project is a testament to the power of creativity and the impact of thoughtful design on everyday spaces.

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