Ashburton-based Agraforum NZ are Ready to Bring their Science and Products to The Southern Field Days next month.

The countdown is underway as Agraforum NZ gears up for its inaugural appearance at the Southern Field Days next month where it will not just be about showcasing revolutionary products; but also a vision that goes beyond economic benefits.

This also marks a momentous return for the three-day Southern Field Days after a four-year hiatus. The transformation of the Waimumu site from sheep paddocks to a bustling venue with over 700 exhibitors has officially commenced.

“Part of what we do is for the good of the land, it’s a great country we have here,” emphasises Agraforum’s managing director, Allan Piercy. In a country as remarkable as New Zealand, Agraforum recognises the importance of stewardship for sustainability, and their products extend beyond providing economic advantages. The agricultural solutions offered by Agraforum come with compliance and environmental pluses, contributing to an approach that benefits both farmers and the environment.

The Southern Field Days, scheduled for February 14-16 , at Waimumu near Gore, is a key event that draws farmers, industry professionals, and agricultural enthusiasts from across the region. Agraforum’s participation in this prestigious event underscores their commitment to engaging with the farming community, sharing insights, and fostering a dialogue about the future of agriculture.

Beyond the economic benefits, Agraforum’s mission is simple yet profound: they want farmers to see better results through products firmly rooted in proven science. The focus on science underscores the commitment to delivering solutions that are not just innovative but also backed by rigorous research and testing.

The Southern Field Days promise not only a showcase of innovative agricultural solutions but also a dynamic program for attendees. Starting on Wednesday, 14th February, with the Tractor Pull Briefing at 8:30 am, the event includes Tractor Pull Heats, Farm Innovation Awards judging, and a Chairman and Mayoral Welcome, offering a day packed with agricultural insights and entertainment. Thursday brings more excitement with the Tractor Pull and the NZFC South Island Doubles Fencing Competition, concluding with a family-friendly Kids Colouring in Competition prize-giving. The final day, Friday, features presentations, the highly anticipated Tractor Pull Final, and the thrilling Speedshear event at the MLT Bar. This diverse program ensures a captivating experience for all attendees.

As Agraforum steps onto the stage at the Southern Field Days, visitors can expect more than just a display of products; they can anticipate a conversation about the future of farming—one that prioritises sustainability, compliance, and, above all, better results for those who work the land. Agraforum is not just joining an event; they are contributing to a narrative that shapes the future of agriculture in New Zealand.

  • Date: 14th – 16th February 2024
  • Location: 575 Waimumu Road, Gore, 9774
  • Number of Exhibitors: + 700
  • Program:

Wednesday 14th February 2024

8.30am – Tractor Pull Briefing (Times may vary due to the weather. Listen to the PA)

9.00am – Tractor Pull Heats

9.00am – Farm Innovation Awards – Judging begins

11:00am – Chairman & Mayoral Welcome in front of Office

Thursday 15th February 2024

8.30am – Tractor Pull Briefing (Times may vary due to the weather. Listen to the PA)

8.30am – NZFC South Island Doubles Fencing Competition (Judges Briefing) Demonstration Area. South Islands leading fencers are lining up to compete in this national level fencing competition.

9.00am – Tractor Pull Heats

11:30am – Prize giving for Kids Colouring in Competition out the front of the office

Friday 16th February 2024

12:00pm – Presentations in front of the Office.

  • Farm Innovation Awards
  • Gallagher Group Best Site Award
  • Bowmar Trophy Best Machinery Site Award

1:00pm – Tractor Pull Final (approximate, listen to the P.A.)

2:30pm – Speedshear (at the MLT Bar)

Check out Agraforums updated website to learn more about what they can bring to the table.

Southern Field Days

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