Devonport 7-Day Pharmacy – Boosting Immunity This Winter

Flu viruses spread yearly, and new strains can develop, potentially causing worldwide pandemics.
The influenza season officially runs from May to September. Nobody is immune to the flu, and you
may not even contract the virus.
How do you get the flu?
The flu is a contagious viral infection. It is transmitted from person to person through infected droplets,
typically spread by sneezing and coughing.
The immune system is your body’s surveillance system and is one of the most complex systems in
your body.
How can you boost your immunity?
Although the flu vaccine is a crucial defence mechanism against the flu virus, it cannot completely
protect against illness.
You’ll be glad to know that there are simple and effective actions you can take daily to strengthen your
immune system.
To protect yourself, it is essential to avoid contact with anyone who may have been infected and to
steer clear of crowded places with poor ventilation. Additionally, frequent hand washing is crucial, and
avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Good nutrition
Eat a balanced diet full of food high in antioxidants, such as fruit and vegetables.
Regular exercise
Maintaining your exercise routine is essential as it helps boost your immune system. In addition,
regular exercise is excellent for both your immune system and your mental health.
Get enough sleep
It is equally important to prioritise getting enough sleep to avoid catching the flu during winter.

Drink lots of water
Drink lots of water. Water helps to flush toxins from the body and keeps mucus in the respiratory tract
Manage your stress
Individuals can manage their stress, particularly in the long term, which could aid in combatting
Supplement support
Vitamins can help support the body’s immunity if you cannot get enough nutrients from food alone.
Conversely, lacking specific vitamins, like vitamin C and zinc, can weaken the immune system, so
getting the correct professional advice will help keep the flu at bay.
Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is your community pharmacy in Devonport, North Shore.
They provide a welcoming, relaxed environment and a one-stop shop for all your pharmacy
Chat with Nancy and the Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy team today to learn how you can strengthen
your immune system this winter.
Check out the link below to listen to Nancy Nasef, Pharmacist and Owner of Devonport 7 Day
Pharmacy, talk about her passion for community healthcare.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy
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World’s Most Famous Cycle Trails

UK Correspondent: Peter Minkoff

Exploring the world’s cycle trails can be a unique and exciting experience, regardless of whether you are an avid cyclist or just enjoy leisurely rides. There is a trail out there for everyone, from the breathtaking vistas of New Zealand to the delectable wines and cuisine of Australia. With that in mind, here are some of the most well-known cycling routes in the world to check off your list:

Kaiaua to Thames Cycle Trail, New Zealand

The Kaiaua to Thames cycle track is a great example of the breathtaking natural beauty that is well-known throughout New Zealand. You will travel through some of the most beautiful terrain in New Zealand’s North Island on this 20-kilometer circuit. The track, which leaves from the little hamlet of Kaiaua, travels through wetlands, farming, and native vegetation as it follows the Firth of Thames. This track is ideal for cyclists of all skill levels because it receives little traffic and has gradual inclines. You can stop at cafés and restaurants along the way for refreshments and to take in the sights and sounds of the local birds.

The Riesling Trail, Clare Valley, Australia

In Australia’s Clare Valley, the Riesling Trail is a must-see if you enjoy wine, good food, and cycling. You pass through some of Australia’s most popular vineyards and wineries on this 35-kilometer circuit. You can stop along the way for tastings and to try some of the regional fare. This track is ideal for both experienced and novice cyclists because of its beautiful landscape and gentle inclines. So grab your top-notch bidon, hop on your bike, and discover the amazing trail. You can also take a side trip and explore some of the region’s quaint towns and villages or go to a museum to learn more about the region’s fascinating history.

The Danube Cycle Path, Europe

The Danube Cycle Path in Europe is a fantastic choice for a more relaxed cycling trip. From the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania, you can follow this 2,800-kilometer track. You can enjoy the Danube River’s breathtaking beauty, stop in at storied villages and cities, and savour delectable regional food while travelling. Cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels can use this track because of its largely flat terrain and clearly signposted route. Along the way, there are lots of castles and palaces to explore, boats to ride on the Danube, and spa treatments at a number of warm baths.

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, United States

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the United States is the perfect cycling route for those seeking a hard trip. Starting in Canada, this 4,400-kilometer trail runs across the Rocky Mountains to the Mexican border. This trek is not for the faint of heart due to the high-altitude passes, rough terrain, and unpredictability of the weather. However, those up for the challenge will be rewarded with breathtaking views, uncommon encounters, and an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. This is an unforgettable journey because the trail passes through several little villages where you may relax, eat, and socialize with the locals.

The Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand

The Otago Central Rail Trail is another well-liked cycling route in New Zealand. The Central Otago region of New Zealand is the setting for this 152-kilometer trail. The route travels along the path of a former railway line, passing by historic places along the way as it travels from Clyde to Middlemarch. This trail is ideal for families and bikers of all skill levels because it has gradual inclines and is well-maintained. Along the way, you can make pit stops in the charming towns, eat food from the area, and visit art galleries and museums that highlight the history and culture of the area.

In conclusion, there is a cycling trail out there for everyone, whether you want a strenuous ride or a relaxing bike through beautiful landscape. Each trail offers a distinctive and thrilling experience, from the Kaiaua to Thames cycling route in New Zealand to the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the United States.

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Social Media Trends for 2023: What’s on the Horizon for Businesses and Individuals?

UK Correspondent: Peter Minkoff

As we move towards the middle of 2023, social media is still developing and playing a big part in our daily lives. Social platforms provide a special opportunity to connect with your audience and foster meaningful connections, whether you are an individual, small business, or major corporation. In this post, we’ll examine a few of the social media trends that are expected to take over throughout the year.

The Rise of Niche Platforms

Niche platforms are expected to gain popularity in 2023, despite the continued dominance of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Over the past year, platforms like TikTok, Clubhouse, and Discord have already experienced tremendous growth, and this pattern is expected to continue. Niche platforms provide a special approach to interacting with particular audiences and present chances for firms to run more focused marketing efforts. Companies should be aware of these developments and think about how to use these platforms to effectively reach their target audience.

The Continued Growth of E-commerce

For years, social media platforms have been increasing their e-commerce capabilities, and this trend is expected to continue growing until the end of the year. We can anticipate seeing other social networks copy platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which already have retail functionality. More companies will likely use these platforms in 2023 to market directly to their audiences. To increase sales, brands should concentrate on providing a seamless user experience on their social media pages.

The Importance of Branding and Design

Design and branding will still be important components of social media marketing in 2023. Companies that can design a unified and visually appealing online presence will have a clear edge. Here, working with the best design agency can really make a difference. A talented design firm can assist brands in developing a compelling visual identity that connects with their target market and distinguishes them from rival brands. For the best-looking social media pages, businesses should spend money on expert branding and design services.

Increased Emphasis on Video

Although the popularity of video material has been rising for some time, 2023 is likely to see an increase in its prominence. We may expect to see more long-form video content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but short-form videos like TikToks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts will also remain popular. Throughout the year, brands that can use video content to tell compelling, real-world stories will have a big advantage. Brands must make the investment in producing top-notch video content if they want to stand out in the crowded digital space.

The Emergence of Augmented Reality

Several firms are already utilising augmented reality (AR) to provide engaging experiences for their customers, but in 2023, we may anticipate seeing this technology becoming more widely adopted. We can expect to see further social networks copy the integration of AR capabilities made by platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Companies will be well-positioned to stand out this year if they can provide interesting and engaging AR experiences for their consumers. Companies should investigate how augmented reality (AR) may improve their social media marketing and provide audiences with memorable experiences.

The Importance of Authenticity and Transparency

Authenticity and transparency will continue to be essential components of social media marketing in 2023 as customers become more knowledgeable and discerning. Companies will have a distinct advantage if they can provide transparent, authentic content that connects with their audience. We may anticipate more companies opening out about their principles and ideas and offering behind-the-scenes looks at how they operate this year. Companies should prioritise connecting with consumers in a genuine way.

In conclusion, social media is still a quickly changing field, and it might be difficult to stay on top of the most recent advances. However, brands can set themselves up for success in 2023 by adhering to the trends indicated above.

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Cambridge Insurance Broker Wayne Cooney’s Commercial Cover Advice

Disclaimer: This is just a ‘General Guide only’ and must not be deemed to be ‘Financial Advice’ in any form. Please Contact your Insurance Adviser for any appropriate financial advice accordingly.

What is Commercial Liability Cover?

If an incident occurs that relates to your company, Commercial Liability Cover can look after you. However, there are different types of Commercial Liability coverage.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers claims made by the public who have been affected by your product, services or issues relating to your company’s day-to-day activities. Generally, this covers costs for compensation payments for third-party injuries, repair/replacement costs for damaged property, medical treatment/ambulance, and legal expenses.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects against claims of injury caused by products from your company. This is an essential cover to have if you supply products to the public. It generally covers you for copyright infringement or defamation cases, and damage to property within the business space, employees and customers. Also, damage caused by software supplied by you, injury caused by equipment you supply, illness caused by items consumed that your company supplies and it can cover product that is exported overseas.

Statutory Liability Insurance

Statutory liability insurance protects all workers/owners/trustees etc, connected to your company from certain breaches of New Zealand Law. It provides you with legal assistance if required. It does not cover Health & Safety at Work Act fines (except for the reparations), employee contract claims, police prosecutions, IRD proceedings, criminal allegations or liability arising from deliberate acts of a damaging nature.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

This cover protects employers against claims made by their employees who have had an incident at work that they can’t get ACC cover for. It covers the costs associated with injury claims and defence of them. There is a range of personal claims that can occur, from stress-induced injury, mental health, and environmental damage ie damage from an unsafe work air space.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance helps companies that supply advice and specifications. The claims will be based on the fact that the advice given was unsatisfactory. This covers the compensation cost of the claim and defence costs.

My job as a Go-To-Adviser is to make sure My Clients are all well informed. You will receive appropriate Insurance Cover information during our discussions and in all relevant quotes, schedules and policy wordings provided to you, accordingly.

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New Zealand’s Independent Leading Expert In Soil Fertility, Hamilton-Based Gordon Rajendram, Discusses Soil Health and Its Importance In Farm Profitability.

By Sharon Dean

A recession is looming closer and taking farmers’ profits with it. In addition, farmers continually face rising costs, inflationary pressures, regulatory obligations and increasing demands for sustainably produced food –  the inflation genie is out of the bottle, and it could be challenging to get it back in. As a result, farmers are tightening the purse strings; however, maintaining good soil health during a recession will increase a farm’s long-term profitability.

New Zealand’s farming practices have long depended on grass and livestock that eat grass. It has been the economic backbone of the agricultural industry pre the European settlement era and a well-established reputation for being the best at converting pasture to protein as milk and meat. However, there are still areas for improvement in this process. Studies have shown that New Zealand farmers have the smallest carbon footprint when producing milk and meat compared to other countries.

During a recession, it’s crucial to comprehend the significance of soil health.

A farm’s profitability begins in the soil; therefore, ensuring a farm’s profitability must start with prioritising the soil quality. Farmers benefit from regular soil testing and monitoring to better understand soil conditions. There are sixteen essential elements required for optimal pasture and animal health. However, it’s possible to spend unnecessary money on factors that are not needed.

Factors to consider:

  • Soil temperature at 10cm is a good indicator. A drop down to 5 – 6 degrees C stunts growth.
  • Falling below 25% of soil moisture content slows growth.
  • The pH (acidity) level and 13 key elements are required for plant growth.

Phosphate is a key element for plant growth. Any phosphate applied needs to stay in the soil and not runoff as particulate P or leach into subsoils. Much of the loss is related to the soil type, climate, Anion storage capacity, and overuse of soluble forms of P.

Mitigating P losses:

  • < 40% ASC greater potential to lose P from soil
  • Apply little bit often
  • Important to use right product
  • Apply slow-release P & S products
  • Combo of water soluble/slow-release P & S is best because of high nutrient levels. Animals excrete 66% of what they eat.
  • MAF’s recommendation is for soil pH to be between 5.8 and 6.0 based on the dry matter production.  The ideal pH is around 6.2 – 6.4 if you consider quality of feed, more clover growth, greater earth worms (which aerate the soil), more calcium in the diet, and phosphate less tightly held by the soil.

Proper fertilisation is crucial for enhancing water quality and maximising nutrient use efficiency. On the other hand, incorrect application of fertilisers can harm the quality of grass and crops and eventually animals, resulting in decreased profitability, emphasising the importance of obtaining the correct independent soil advice.

Maintenance fertiliser refers to the nutrients needed to balance the nutrients removed from the farm through meat, wool, milk, crops, and silage with the nutrients remaining in the soil.

Several factors, including soil type, topography, stocking rate, future land use, crops, and rainfall, impact the requirements for maintenance fertiliser.

Different farming operations and production areas on a farm have varying maintenance requirements. Nonetheless, when applying fertiliser, it is vital to aim for soil fertility levels no higher than the recommended nutrient range for optimum plant growth, known as agronomic optimum.

In autumn, it is crucial to understand how specific nutrients react in the soil to reduce the risk of nutrient loss. For example, when applying phosphate, avoid high-risk months (April-October),and defer application if rainfall is likely to cause runoff within seven days.

When testing the soil it is imperative to avoid dung and urine hotspot patches that can skew readings because of high nutrient levels. Animals excrete 66% of what they eat.

The soil can yield lush and nourishing pasture by ensuring a proper equilibrium, resulting in happy animals and contented farmers.

Dr Gordon Rajendram is a New Zealand Independent Soil Scientist specialising in Soil Fertility, Agronomy & Farm Environmental Consultancy.

Gordon Rajendram

9 Kakanui Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216

P: 021 466 077


Web site:

‘ Bringing science to the farm.’

Phillip Quay

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WILMA J DESIGN – Pottery Created with Love

Growing up in Curacao, Wilma Jennings from Wilma J Design is renowned for her
progressive artwork and colour.

Her passion originates from the Caribbean and New Zealand. “The colours, architecture and
spirit of my birth island still influences my work, along with the beautiful flora and fauna of
my home country, New Zealand”.

Moving to New Zealand, Wilma created artwork for walls, furniture, handbags, shoes, and
clothing. With 50 years of experience, Wilma has transpired her love of art over time into
inspiring pottery pieces.

“I’ve always migrated to being creative, exercising that part of my brain that thinks in
pictures”, says Wilma Jennings.

Wilma Jennings was influenced in her pottery journey by well-known potters Yvonne Rust,
Len Castle, and lesser-known potter Margaret Radford. As a result, she has always been
mindful of quality, ensuring form, materials, and finishes are ‘fit for design and purpose’.

Wilma creates exclusive limited edition artwork. Prototypes are analysed by:

  • difficulty factor
  • efficiency to duplicate
  • processes to duplicat
  • marketing and
  • barriers.

Shifting her focus to teaching pottery, including in the classrooms where she has previously
taught pottery to specific age groups of around 30 children, Wilma also provides themed
workshops for people to develop their artistic talents.

” I am passionate about teaching people and taking them on a guided path that will lead to a

Wilma emphasises that design is a skill that will grow from working with clay by leaning on
the medium, seeing what it does and using that discovery as design.

“When a design idea doesn’t result in what was expected, don’t necessarily discard it. The
original is still there, so think and develop the unexpected result – this will create the next
design”, Wilma explains.
With her dominant medium being clay, Wilma feels her creative space constantly sits at a
crossroads between functional form, home decoration and art.

Each piece is designed passionately and holistically, aligning with Wilma J Design’s ethos –
“we’re drawn to colours and shapes that make our hearts sing”.


Facebook: Wilma J Design
Mobile: 021 103265

P: 0274 587 724

Smartway Security Systems Ltd, Ngaruawahia, Waikato, Leading the Way In Security Solutions

Author: Sharon Dean

Since 2000, Smartway Security Systems Ltd has been providing tailor-made security solutions for
Smartway is a highly experienced security systems company in New Zealand, with a team that has
over 70 years of combined experience in Alarm Systems, Access Control, and CCTV.
An early adopter of CCTV installations, Smartway has over 20 years of experience in all types of
security systems.

Smartway Security specialises in providing Alarms and Access Control Systems, CCTV, Data &
WiFi services for various properties, including residential, rural, farming, and commercial premises.
“Our clients come from a wide range of industries, such as Shopping Malls, Complexes, Multi-Level
Car Parks, Warehouses, Farms, Apartment Blocks, Shops, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Retirement
Villages, Medical Centers, and thousands of private homes”.

Ensuring the safety of your business, home, and family is of utmost importance. However, many
overlook the benefits of installing a security alarm system.

Smartway Security has an extensive portfolio of over 4500 clients based predominantly in the
Waikato and Auckland regions; however, they also cover nationwide.

Since its inception, Smartway Security has installed over 6000 CCTV systems.
“We have even been involved in the Auckland Ring Road Motorway Tunnel Construction process
with our CCTV Camera Systems and Fibre Connections.”

Roger Bull highlighted their successful business accomplishments, which include installing CCTV in
over 100 Bridgestone Tyres / Tony’s Tyre branches and managing all aspects of Electronic Security
and Surveillance at Butterfly Creek’s animal enclosures.

“We have also installed many solutions for Rural Farms and Lifestyle properties, says Roger.

Owner, Roger Bull, says, “Treating everyone with respect, providing excellent customer service and
maintaining good communication with staff and customers are essential business values”.
Smartway is proud to receive most of its business through word-of-mouth referrals and existing
clients, a testament to its position as an industry leader in security solutions.
Roger Bull stated that their company is incorporating new services to offer customers the latest and
innovative technology.

“Experience the Difference – because the Difference is Experience”.

Smartway Security Systems Limited
P: 0800 936 363

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