Mother’s Day – Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy Has Got Your Mother’s Day Gifts Sorted

Mother’s Day – Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy Has Got Your Mother’s Day Gifts Sorted

The team at Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy have something for every mum in Aotearoa, New Zealand for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for that extraordinary person in your life.

From skin care sets to make-up palettes to fragrances and perfumes, we have plenty of gifts to make the woman in your life feel pampered.

Whether for mums, grandmothers, new mums, mothers-in-law or mothers-to-be, call in and see us at Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy – we have that gift for that special someone in your life for Mother’s Day.

Shop at Devonport 7 Day and receive 25% off gift items until May 14th, 2023.

Shop Instore or Online

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is proud to participate in the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign to support the Breast Cancer Foundation on May 25th

Pink Ribbon Breakfast is the Breast Cancer Foundation in NZ’s most extensive fundraising campaign. 

“Each year in May, thousands of amazing Kiwis across the country raise money to fund breast cancer education, research and patient support”, says Nancy Nasef.

Enquire in-store for further information and be a part of Pink Ribbon Breakfast 2023 with the team at Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacist and Owner Nancy Nasef has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since she was seventeen.

Nancy is passionate about helping people, families, and communities achieve the best in healthcare. 

“I quite enjoy being that person in the community that people can come to”. I need to feel like I am serving my community”, says pharmacist and Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy owner Nancy Nasef.

Nancy says continuous upskilling and training when someone new is employed is essential; however, equally important is that they are also a ‘good fit’ with the team, not just someone highly qualified.

“And I didn’t just want to be a pharmacy where you just hand in your prescription and get your medicine. I wanted to be more than that.

“We will not only give you your medicine, but we can also compliment it with natural health products so that we are treating not only the symptoms but also the causes”, says Nancy.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy offers a wide range of services:

  • vaccinations
  • nurse services
  • ACC Approvals
  • travel services and
  • whole natural health station

Check out the link below to listen to Nancy Nasef, Pharmacist and Owner of Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy, talk about her passion for community healthcare.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy

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Phillip Quay

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What it Takes to Be a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

Author: UK Correspondent

Starting a successful fashion business and making it successful is a dream most people want to put into reality, but just a few people decide to do it. The fashion industry is very dynamic, and the fashion business can be challenging for most people. However, if you input perseverance and hard work into it, your fashion business will bring profit and be a soul-satisfying thing.

Every successful fashion entrepreneur should possess specific qualities to start a fashion business. For example, a good fashion sense is a huge plus; acquired knowledge about apparel making and being good under pressure are essential. Another thing a fashion entrepreneur should also possess is the ability to foresee future fashion trends and good communication skills. Finally, challenges and calculated risks are something everyone in the fashion industry must go through.

Every fashion entrepreneur should have all the qualities mentioned, but the road to success will require a bit more effort. Unfortunately, the line between being an entrepreneur and being successful is skinny. 

Features of a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

A great fashion entrepreneur can be someone who not only possesses the knowledge and skills needed to start a fashion business but also needs to have the motivation and ambition to make that business a success. Creativity and innovation are the two features that are important for the approach to fashion design, along with being good at creating relationships with future customers.

Someone we can call a promising fashion entrepreneur can work under pressure and not be overwhelmed by thinking about failure. It’s important to simply have a clear vision of the direction their business is supposed to be going and also have the ability for self-motivation. Networking with people is also one of the essential things when talking about the fashion industry and achieving success.

Technological Expertise should constantly be improved

Technology is here to change everything and stay. Thus, you can’t run away from it while trying to achieve your aim of having your own fashion business. Learn what it takes to create incredible designs and have satisfied customers. Also, keep up with the latest fashion trends, which will help you better understand what your customer wants.

One of the latest fashion trends is having customers be part of the creative design process, creating clothes that suit their unique and original tastes. This can be done using platforms and software that can help produce made-to-order clothing. They are used for custom-made dresses to satisfy customers’ preferences.

Understanding the market

One of the most important things for a fashion entrepreneur is understanding the market inside out. A fashion entrepreneur should research what the target audiences like and prefer and what are some of the latest fashion trends. This information should be kept up to date for the business’s relevancy and profit. Understanding the market deeply, current and future trends, and what the competition is like, along with facing any challenges, will help keep the business ahead of others in the market.

Fashion entrepreneur and a strong network

If you have the right team and good connections, things will be much easier for a fashion entrepreneur. The fashion industry today is completely saturated,  so if you have a good network of people around. You or even a strong connection with other apparel companies, vendors, and clients can help the fashion brand be one step ahead of the competition. In addition, when there is a good connection with people in the media, it can be beneficial for the fashion brand to have a strong marketing strategy to increase sales. A successful fashion entrepreneur can be called someone who can work their way around different people and create connections while being friendly and charismatic. 

Development of Communication Skills

A fashion designer does not need to be vocal or talkative while working on the designs. However, remaining introverted or reserved later on while aspiring to become a fashion entrepreneur is not an option. Communication, sales and marketing skills need to be very high to ensure you work on increasing your network, clients, and vendors. The essential thing is to be outgoing and cheerful to win people’s attention and follow the basic steps to start your own fashion business.

Always keep in mind that fashion represents a people-oriented business. For that reason, the more you aspire to communicate, the more you will be able to connect with people and have a very successful fashion entrepreneur.

Understanding of Business, Taking Risks, and Decision-Making Skills

Running your own fashion business does not always have to be as comfortable and convenient as being an employee of another fashion company. As an employee, you don’t need to worry about many things except for your salary and employee benefits. But, as a business owner, you will need to look after many things, take risks, and decide what things would work for your fashion business and what are not the best solutions.

The path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur will not be easy, and operating it won’t always have a straightforward direction. But the right approach, positivity, confidence, and the ability to do business would help take the right road toward success.

Wayne Cooney the Insurance Broker from Cambridge is making your life easy

One man’s misadventure is another man’s opportunity to step up.

Wayne Cooney your go-to insurance broker in Cambridge has a great team behind him to make your life as stress-free as possible. He loves to work with people all over the country, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out on his services if you live at the bottom of the South Island. Whether you are a professional or a tradie or a domestic homeowner, Wayne has the cover solution for you. With no call centre and an energetic attitude, you will be very pleased with the way your claims and plans are dealt with.

Why should you work with an insurance broker like Wayne?

“Very easy to work with and approachable. Listened to our needs and provided a favourable price.” – Ruth and Lance

Quick and efficient but looking at the best quality policies for your needs, Wayne will bring his all to the table. One benefit of an insurance broker is that they have a vast knowledge of the cover plans that are out there. They can ensure you are not paying above and beyond what you need. Finding the best insurance coverage for yourself or your business can be hard and complicated. Who wants to spend hours scrolling through the web and wading through all the different plans you could possibly have, whilst trying to compare them at the same time? Wayne Cooney knows where to find all the best policies and plans to suit your coverage style requirements.

What about policy renewals? Who else tends to forget when the next payment is due? Well, there is no need to worry when you are dealing with your go-to broker, Wayne. He will contact you well in advance of your next renewal date.

“As a mortgage advisor, I have found Wayne to be completely professional and trustworthy in all my dealings with him.” – Gavin

Why not use an insurance broker like Wayne Cooney?

Care and integrity epitomise Wayne’s work, on his client’s behalf. He strongly believes in bringing his values to work and enjoys building strong relationships with his clients.

Contact Wayne Cooney

021 347 640

Contact Phillip Quay

027 458 7724

New Zealand’s leading expert in soil fertility, Hamilton-based Soil Scientist Gordon Rajendram (PhD) looks at ways of increasing a farm’s profitability in times of recession

The most economical forage for animals is good nutritious pasture which includes good energy, protein that is digestible and has fibre in it. The cost to produce pasture can cost between 2 – 6 cents per kilo of dry matter.

In order to achieve the above, you need to have adequate nutrients in the soil.

Farm’s profitability starts in the soil and getting this right will, without doubt, lead to great pasture and better soil health, i.e., it is aerated, it holds onto the nutrients, whatever is applied doesn’t leach and the right forage types. Having a variety of species of forage is beneficial i.e., grass, clover, herbs etc.

The importance of independent soil management and fertiliser advice is crucial rather than just someone trying to sell a product. There appears to be major conflicts of interest in this area. Large savings can be made if the advice is correct.

The 16 elements are required for pasture and animal health. In some cases, excess money is spent on elements that are not necessary and hence the importance of independent advice.

Soil management is an expert area and one which can lead to better profits.

Sampling is one of the crucial aspects of soil management. Soil is important at the start and pastures grown on this are essential for farm profitability.  New Zealand is the best at converting pasture to milk and protein (meat) but there are still ways this can be improved.

New Zealand farmers have the lowest carbon footprint to produce meat and milk

Published research shows that NZ farmer’s carbon footprint to produce meat and milk is the lowest compared to other countries.

In the dairy sector, the emissions to produce 1 litre of milk have been estimated to be 0.9 kg CO2 when compared to the global average of 2.4 kg CO2 per litre of milk. In the NZ dairy sector, PKE was the main supplementary feed type used on farms. PKE though has the highest carbon footprint of any brought-in supplementary feeds.

NZ’s carbon footprint to produce beef is one of the lowest with ~9 kgCO2e/kg LW and NZ’s carbon footprint to produce sheep is the lowest at ~6 kgCO2e/kg LW.  This is due to the NZ lower cost pasture grazed-based systems. Compare this to say in many parts of the world where pasture or crops are cut and carried and fed in a shed system.

Studies have shown for humans to have a balanced diet a component of milk and meat is required.

A lot is going on below the ground (leaching) so this has to be prevented and lead to greater profits.

Accurate testing is essential to ensure more efficient ways of nutrient uptake. There must be nothing limiting this process in the soil. Whatever is applied you must make sure the soil can hold onto this and that it is not leached.

Having a whole lot of fertiliser on top is only part of the process. Having knowledge of what is going on underneath the ground is critical to profitability.

Contact Gordon:



Contact MediaPa
P: 0274 587 724

MAD Media Digital Billboards Taranaki, Your Attraction Destination, Awaits

The Taranaki region is a tourism hotspot and attraction destination. New Plymouth-
based digital billboard company MAD Media run national campaigns across their
highly viewed digital billboards showcasing the bucket-list destination.

Mount Taranaki
Famous for its dormant stratovolcano, Mount Taranaki, also commonly known as
Mount Egmont, is a destination playground just waiting for you to explore its many
notable attractions. 
Mount Taranaki provides a stunning backdrop to New Plymouth and reminds outdoor
enthusiasts of various hiking trails in the area. Standing at 2518 m high, Mount
Taranaki is more complex and dangerous than it appears-dust off those hiking boots
but attempt the walking track in good conditions. Get exploring!

Festival of Lights
The iconic Pukekura Park is famous for the TSB Festival of Lights from Christmas
until mid-January. Festival of the Lights is a world-class event attracting visitors from
around New Zealand and worldwide.

Escape to the Puzzle Room
Escapinator New Plymouth is Taranaki’s number one escape room experience.
Can you unlock the clues to escape the Train Escape, Zombie Lab, or Buccaneer
Bounty Room?
Choose to accept the challenge, and your team has 60 minutes of adrenaline-fuelled
code cracking, solving puzzles and finding clues to make your escape.
Based in the heart of New Plymouth’s CBD, Escapinator is a 5-minute walk from the
Downtown multi-storey carpark.

For the animal lover
Pouakai Zoo, nestled beneath Mount Taranaki, is home to various animals, including
tigers, capuchin monkeys, meerkats, kune kune pigs, and alpacas. 

Historic walk, anyone?
Take a historical walk through the central city as an experienced guide takes you
back to the early settlers’ arrival in New Plymouth in 1841.
A fascinating way to learn about the city’s history, its development and how time has
evolved, making it the attraction it is today.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.
The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is New Zealand’s museum of contemporary art and
the global home of Len Lye’s art and ideas. 
You can experience innovative and provocative work by the world’s leading
contemporary artists.
Exhibitions change every four months, accompanied by a programme of talks, tours,
art-making workshops, and a regularly changed selection of works from the Len Lye
Foundation Collection and Archive. 

Outdoor spaces 
The district boasts 110 parks and reserves encompassing 1200 hectares and over
50 playgrounds to let the kids burn off some energy.

Contact MAD Media NZ
P: 0800 2 GO MAD

Contact Phillip Quay
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Multiple Award-Winners – Family Run Business The Cheese Barn Matatoki

by Sharon Dean

Multiple award-winning Artisan Cheese entrepreneurs Kelvin and Cathy Haigh from The Cheese
Barn, a family-run business in Matatoki, have won prestigious awards for their organic cheese brands since 1998.
“The Cheese Awards we enter every year. We won the Champion Cheese Award for our Cumin Seed Gouda in 2018”, said the Haighs.
Kelvin Haigh is a cheese maker and has worked in the Dairy Industry his entire life. Wife Cathy manages the cheese side of the business and has a background in Sales, Marketing and Administration.

With over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality sector, Penny Riley complements the business, helping to run the seven-day-a-week cafe.
The Haigh’s believe in keeping things as simple and natural as possible. They obtain their milk from a Certified Organic local family.

“The farm takes pride in providing a safe product for their customers and the environment.” Say
Kelvin and Cathy Haigh.

Kelvin and Cathy are makers of BioGro Certified Products, including: 

  • organic cheeses and
  • yoghurts

The organic products are:

  • unhomogenised
  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • have no artificial additives
  • contain no antibiotics or growth hormones and have no chemical sprays.

Organic Quark is just one of the unique, organic products Kelvin and Cathy Haigh produce. Quark is a soft, spreadable cheese with a creamy texture similar to cottage cheese – it is made using a traditional Dutch recipe. Quark is high in protein and can give your diet a nutritional boost. 

Organic Gouda
A traditional Dutch cheese, creamy and golden and melts in your mouth. Use on cheeseboards and cooking as it will melt well and can be used in any dish to give a smooth, creamy texture and great flavour.

Organic Camembert
Organic Camembert is made from organic whole milk, starters, cultures, and salt. This cheese is
slowly matured in a humid environment and ripens from the outside in.

Organic Kefir Yoghurt
A naturally healthy probiotic and unsweetened pourable yoghurt. Great on your breakfast cereal, in a smoothie or as a drinking yoghurt. Add to curry to give a creamy texture.

Organic Sour Cream
Thick and creamy. Made with no artificial additives, chemicals or sprays, antibiotics or growth
hormones and no added thickeners or preservatives. Unhomogenised, gluten-free and paleo-friendly. Organic Sour Cream can be added to scones made with Lemonade, cream, and SR Flour.

There are many health benefits to eating organic food.
Organic Food contains more:

  • vitamins,
  • minerals
  • enzymes,
  • and micronutrients than conventionally raised food.

The Cheese Barn Café is open 7 Days and is BYO only.
“We provide a unique destination for families to enjoy great coffee and food and our cheese in a
peaceful rural setting”, says Kelvin and Cathy.

Satisfy your tastebuds and enjoy the ‘Farmers Favourite’ Pizza, Smoked Fish with Potato Top Pie, or Cheese Platters.

The Cheese Barn Matatoki….Makers of fine Artisan Cheeses

The Cheese Barn
4 Wainui Road
P: 07 868 1284

Phillip Quay
P: 0274 587 724

Merge, Wellington, New Zealand Leading the Way in Business Communications

by Sharon Dean

New Zealand-owned and operated company Merge Communications have provided integrated business communication solutions for small to large businesses since its inception in 2008.
Founders Paul Butterworth and Peter Flower’s expertise in digital and office technology and
communications over many decades has been paramount to the company’s success in building a trusted and innovative brand.
“Merge strives to provide fitting business solutions, not just products and services”.
Initially providing broadband and VOIP communication services for New Zealand small to medium businesses, success in sales has evolved into implementing a broader range of digital products and services.
“We have evolved into delivering digital and communications solutions to larger and multi-
site businesses”.
Merge Communications partners with ‘world-leading’ reliable brands and video conferencing
Merge’s point of difference strength is providing strong customer service connections,
delivering quality, reliable support and satisfaction, and exceeding customer expectations. 
“Merge provides local, highly responsive customer service”.
Many businesses have struggled to connect with the latest in ‘business technology’ –
business collaboration is essential more than ever in the workplace. 
Merge Communications offers up-to-date, innovative solutions for your business.

Office technology

  • VoIP (a proven based cloud VoIP service)
  • Office 365 and Teams calling
  • Managed print
  • Work from home

Meeting technology
The pandemic has changed how we communicate in and out of the office. As a result, video
conferencing has become a ‘must-have’ preferred technology solution for continued
business client communication, a competitive market and global connections.

  • Bluejeans for videoconferencing and events
  • Maxhub, unified communications, panels, digital signage
  • Quicklaunch, one-touch connection
  • Video Window, always on human-to-human connectivity

Mobile Technology

  • Mobile Plans
  • Mobile device management
  • eTXT messaging and marketing

Network Technology

  • Broadband
  • Cellular broadband failover
  • WiFi
  • Managed network

Unlock your business’s potential today – Merge Communications keeps your business

Merge Communications
Merge Communications | Facebook
P: 0800 775 533

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