By Sharon Dean

MAD Media Outdoor Digital Billboards has expanded its existing billboard network throughout the lower North Island with two digital billboards in Hamilton.
Founded in New Plymouth, the team now operates thirteen digital boards across four cities throughout the north island of New Zealand. From New Plymouth, Whanganui, Hamilton to Taupo, they are very much proudly local in each of these.
Although a digital billboard’s primary use is for business advertising, it serves a purpose for communities – MAD Media is all about supporting and working alongside community organisations.
The Hamilton screens are in prime locations – the first screen is situated at the western end of Wairere Drive, and the second site is in Pukete.
Digital billboards are versatile – they can benefit communities in many ways, as they empower and can raise community awareness whilst providing essential information and a community connection.
As technology advances, MAD Media wants to provide you with the best possible digital solutions, MAD Media has its fingers on the pulse of consumer action in the digital age, where change is rapid.
MAD Media and its innovative team will help you integrate outdoor digital advertising into your existing community campaign – reinforcing strong brand awareness and cultivating a loyal community fan base and promoting community and sports event within the region.

MAD Media LED Digital Billboard Advertising

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy, Auckland, Best Tips For Your Health

By Sharon Dean

A healthy lifestyle can help you live a strong and healthy life.

Making healthy daily choices can be challenging. For example, finding the time to
exercise regularly or having enough hours in your day to prepare healthy meals can
be difficult.

Implementing healthy daily habits will pay off for the rest of your life.

5 Tips For Staying Healthy

  • Eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet. Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and
    whole grains daily. In addition, also choose a diet low in saturated fat and
    cholesterol and moderate in sugar, salt and total fat.
  • Be physically active for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Break this
    down into three 10-minute intervals if need be. Activities may include cycling,
    swimming, walking or dancing – moving is the key.
  • Don’t smoke or try to quit if you do.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Never drink before or while driving.
  • Stay SunSmart. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays when they are at
    their strongest. Choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against
    UVA and UVB rays and contains a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher
    is your best defence.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is your one-stop shop when seeking trustworthy,
reliable, and professional healthcare advice and remedies, putting your health
needs first.

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy
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Phillip Quay
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What Makes a Business Run Successfully in 2023

Written by Peter Minkoff (UK correspondent)

Running a successful business in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape
requires more than just hard work and determination. Businesses must keep up with the
latest trends and technologies while also adapting to changing market conditions. With that
in mind, here are a few key factors that will help businesses succeed in 2023:

Embracing Technology
Adopting technology not only allows businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity,
but it also enables them to collect and analyse data in order to make more informed
decisions. Furthermore, incorporating technology into various aspects of a business, such as
marketing and customer service, can help to improve the overall customer experience.
Following the latest technological trends and tools can also assist businesses in remaining
competitive and relevant in their industry. To fully reap the benefits of technology,
businesses should also prioritise cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches
and cyber attacks that can harm both the company and its customers.

Investing in Employee Development
Investing in employee development benefits not only the employees but also the overall
success of the business. Employee job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity can be
increased by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and career advancement.
Moreover, a learning and development culture can help businesses attract and retain top
talent, as well as create a more skilled and versatile workforce. Businesses can build a
stronger and more resilient organisation by prioritising employee development. Businesses
that invest in employee development should regularly assess their employees’ skills and
provide customised training programs that align with their career goals and the needs of the

Seeking Expert Advice
Running a successful business is a complex endeavour, and businesses may require
outside expertise to achieve their objectives. For instance, expert marketing consulting is
one area in which businesses can benefit from outside assistance. Marketing consultants
can offer businesses a fresh perspective on their marketing strategy, as well as insights and
best practices, and can assist them in optimising their marketing efforts to reach their target
audience. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage and achieve their marketing
objectives more efficiently and effectively by working with the right marketing consultants.

Focusing on Customer Experience
Providing excellent customer service is only one aspect of creating a positive customer
experience. Businesses must truly understand their customers’ needs, desires, and pain
points in order to tailor their products, services, and interactions accordingly. Businesses that
invest in collecting and analysing customer feedback can gain valuable insights that can help
them make better decisions and improve the overall customer experience. What’s more, a
strong focus on customer experience can help businesses differentiate themselves from
competitors and build a loyal customer base. In addition to providing excellent customer
service, businesses should focus on social media in order to create an emotional connection
and foster loyalty.

Emphasising Sustainability
Sustainability is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic business decision.
Businesses that prioritise sustainability can reduce operational costs, improve their
reputation, and attract customers who value environmentally friendly practices. Furthermore,
sustainability can spur innovation and create new markets and revenue streams. Businesses
that are proactive in their approach to sustainability can position themselves as industry
leaders and contribute to a more sustainable future. Businesses that prioritise sustainability
should also communicate their efforts to their stakeholders in a transparent manner in order
to build trust and credibility. Moreover, businesses should continuously evaluate and
improve their sustainability practices to ensure their long-term viability.

Staying Agile
Being agile means being able to change with the times and seize new opportunities. Agility
is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Businesses
that are willing to experiment, take risks, and pivot quickly in response to market trends and
customer needs can gain a competitive advantage. To remain agile, businesses must be
open to new ideas and perspectives, learn and improve on a continuous basis, and stay
connected to their customers and the broader market. Businesses must be agile not only in
responding to market changes, but also in anticipating them through scenario planning and
risk management strategies. Businesses can also foster agility by cultivating an innovation
and experimentation culture.

To summarise, running a successful business in 2023 necessitates a mix of technological
savvy, customer-centricity, employee development, sustainability, agility, and expert advice.
Businesses can stay ahead of the curve and succeed in an increasingly competitive market
by embracing these key factors.

What is Management Accounting?

What is Management Accounting?

Management Accounting involves financial and non-financial ‘decision-making’ information provided to managers and stakeholders within an organisation.

It is an accounting method that creates statements, reports and documents to help businesses make better-informed decisions with performance.

It provides operational business metrics and market analysis that help to forecast future purchases and investments for company growth.

What are the typical duties associated with Management Accounting?

Although it varies from organisation to organisation, some of the essential duties associated with management accounting include:

  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Completing all tax paperwork
  • Producing financial statements such as income statements
  • Analysis, risk assessment and forecasting
  • Overseeing internal audits
  • Identifying areas for financial savings
  • Identifying areas for economic growth
  • Advising senior personnel and decision-makers on strategic planning

What are the 7 Functions of Management Accounting?

Essentially, the 7 typical functions of a management account encompass the below:

  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Organising
  • Performance Variances
  • Coordinating
  • Communication
  • Analyses and Interprets Data
  • Business Asset Protection
  • Tax policies

What is the difference between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting?

Financial Accountants record and report spending and transactions related to business operations.

Management Accountants help managers with decision-making.

It requires strong leadership skills combined with a sound knowledge and understanding of various topics.

These include market trends, compliance, and risk management.

A good Management Accountant ensures the future growth and profitability of a company.

Are you ready to talk to an exceptional and professional accountancy firm about your business financial needs?

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Entrepreneurs and businesses find strategic support with Business Connect

Phillip Quay at the latest Business Connect Event

Business Connect is fast providing New Zealand businesses and entrepreneurs with a community that is designed to encourage each other and help to achieve their strategic goals.

A collaboration of products and services, Business Connect is a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses in both the in-person and online space.

A place to mingle, learn and socialize with each other, “Business Connect is an entrepreneur hub, a greenhouse, where you find inspiration, where you don’t feel alone with doubts and struggles,” says Phillip Quay, founder of Business Connect.

“Business Connect is ideal for any business which likes to get their business seen, needs help with sales, clients, barriers or would like to connect with like-minded people to help them achieve bigger goals faster and succeed in their business,” commented Phillip at a Business Connect meeting on Tuesday.

Business Connect is an open and free platform without judgement and is not restricted by age, gender, or profession. “We can help you find products and services that you might not know are available to you,” adds Phillip.

Business Connect gives you the opportunity to seek advice and support. “We have key speakers and mentors, and we encourage you with activities that will assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming roadblocks,” says Phillip.

Since its inception last year, Business Connect has fostered new collectives, seen new clients signed up, products sold, new ideas and opportunities opened up as well as countless referrals.

Believing that businesses are stronger when they work together, Business Connect wants to help businesses grow and people flourish, “We are all connected through our roots and together we can achieve greater things,” says Phillip. Business Connect offers you a fantastic opportunity to interact in person, make new friends and get ideas to achieve your dream and live the life you deserve.


Phillip Quay

Business Connect

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