The Tantalising Tastes of Hamilton’s Hood Street Bistro

By Taryn Surgison

Resting proudly on the corner of Hood Street and Victoria Street, the aptly named cafe/restaurant, ‘Hood St Bistro’, beckons you inside with its references to hot orange, neon signage. Just as it too sits on this
particular intersection, its food demonstrates a propensity towards being particular when it comes to
imparting only the best of Southern American flavours to its customers.

So, how do I know this, you may be asking?
Originally, I had entered the cafe/restaurant in search of a quick drink to quench my thirst, considering a
well-crafted hot chocolate with a friend. As the sun settled its warm rays on the curvature of the cafe’s
exquisite arched windows, the notion of a hot chocolate disappeared along with the fading light. My friend’s order of a Pinot gris a welcome invitation to change the flavour of our meeting from a quick ‘catch-up’ to dinner instead. This invitation was sped along by seductive aromas wafting tantalisingly from the kitchen.

The moment the menu was placed in my eager hands, I knew what I wanted. There was no other choice for me but the Bacon-wrapped Eye fillet steak with Argentinian prawns, Mashed potatoes, Green beans, Garlic butter sauce and Red wine jus. Presentation perfect, I tried hard to steady the pace at which I ate, but the creamy goodness of garlic flavour oozing over mashed potatoes, intermingled with tender green beans and eye fillet steak cooked to perfection drizzled in red wine jus made it a battle hard to win. Just when I thought all my taste buds had reached their most heightened state of saturation, I plucked an Argentinian prawn from atop my steak. As the crunchy fresh bite oozed salty sea goodness, the flavour overtook me! I mused over why I had never tasted prawns that fresh before (even at seaside restaurants in New Zealand) and gently swore to myself I would never walk past this restaurant again!

This is a cafe/restaurant not to miss! It’s so good, I’ve already planned my next meal there!
I invite you too to sample Hood St Bistro’s delectable food of the highest calibre, an absolute credit to the
chef and the team that works so hard to cultivate amazing food, a great drinks selection and such a warm
and inviting atmosphere.

Cafe/Restaurant Name: Hood St Bistro
Address: 109 Victoria Street

 07 834 4365
Website: for bookings/reservations or to order online.
Facebook: Hood St Bistro

Contact Phillip Quay
P: 0274 587 724