Agricultural Extravaganza Unfolds at Waimumu: Agraforum NZ at Site A117-118, Agri Centre

At Agraforum NZ’s designated site A117-118 at the Southern Field Days site in Waimumu on Monday morning, a hive of activity unfolded as exhibitors geared up for the opening day today (14th February). Various vehicles, including utes, trucks, trailers, and cranes, were in full swing, transporting everything from hay to brand new vehicles and an array of farming implements. Agraforum NZ, positioned at site A117-118 Agri Centre, was no exception, showcasing its contributions to the agricultural sector.

Southern Field Days President Steve Henderson, in discussing the event’s inclusivity, emphasised that it caters not only to farmers but also to a diverse audience. “There’s something here for everyone – there will be plenty of options if you’ve forgotten to buy your partner something for Valentine’s Day, which is on Wednesday,” he remarked with a laugh. “There’s lots going on inside, plenty going on in the tents, and then all the farming gear further out in the paddocks.”

Despite a relatively quiet site last week, Monday morning witnessed a surge in activity. Water was strategically spread to minimise dust as vehicles traversed the area, posts were erected, and marquees were meticulously set up.

Highlighting the logistical intricacies, Henderson remarked, “The logistics and the investment in getting everything to the site are pretty staggering. You’ve got stuff coming in from the North Island, a lot coming in from Canterbury. Even though we’re in Southland, there will be farmers here from further north, so exhibitors have to have gear here that caters for them as well.”

With all 760 sites sold out and 805 exhibitors, Henderson expressed optimism about the event’s success, targeting 14,000 to 15,000 visitors each day. This marks the first Southern Field Days in four years, following the cancellation in 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“People will be keen to come along and see some new stuff on display and what’s changed since four years ago. Plus, it’s a good reason to get off the farm or out of the house,” Henderson added.

Gore, the hosting location, will witness its first temporary traffic lights for three days to ensure smooth traffic flow on the main roads leading to Waimumu.

Agraforum NZ will be showcasing its contributions in the Agri Centre to the bustling event. While the organising committee can control most aspects, weather remains beyond their influence. Henderson expressed confidence, stating, “It’s looking pretty good actually. We might get a bit of rain overnight on Wednesday, but other than that, it’s looking pretty dry. The site certainly isn’t going to get any worse by the looks of things.”

Check out Agraforum’s updated website to learn more about what they can bring to the table.

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