Agraforum NZ’s Eco Flush: Revolutionising Effluent Pond Management for Sustainable Agriculture

In the quest for sustainable agriculture, maintaining the ecological balance of farm effluent ponds has emerged as a significant challenge. Agraforum NZ introduces Eco Flush, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform pond management practices. Eco Flush offers a comprehensive approach to creating healthier and cleaner ponds, ensuring the well-being of both the environment and livestock.

Eco Flush stands out for its remarkable ability to break down crusts and reduce solids in ponds, a common issue that hampers the effectiveness and hygiene of traditional pond systems. By addressing these problems, Eco Flush not only improves the health of the pond but also significantly diminishes the presence of harmful pathogens such as E. coli, Campylobacter, and Salmonella. This reduction in pathogens is crucial for preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring the safety of farm operations.

Moreover, one of the most notable benefits of Eco Flush is its ability to reduce the unpleasant odours typically associated with effluent ponds. This creates a more pleasant environment for farm workers and nearby residents, while also contributing to the overall health of the pond ecosystem.

For farmers, the application of Eco Flush is straightforward and efficient. Formulated for direct use from the container, the recommended dosage is 0.5ml of product per cow per day. For example, a farm with 500 cows would require 250ml, while one with 800 cows would need 400ml. This solution is mixed with 10L of water and poured over the yard prior to wash down, followed by the normal washing routine.

The indications for Eco Flush usage highlight its role in facilitating a more effective breakdown process. When effluent is treated with Eco Flush before being irrigated back onto the farm, it ensures that nitrates and phosphates are already metabolised. This pre-treatment helps the soil bacteria to work more efficiently, promoting better absorption by plants and reducing the discharge of pathogens onto pastures.

In summary, Eco Flush by Agraforum NZ represents a significant advancement in pond management solutions. Its ability to create healthier, cleaner ponds by breaking down crusts, reducing solids, mitigating harmful pathogens, and diminishing odours positions it as an essential tool for sustainable agriculture practices. Eco Flush ensures that effluent management is not only more effective but also more environmentally friendly, aligning with the goals of modern, responsible farming.

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