Waikato Insurance Broker Wayne Cooney talks about the Importance of Contract Works Insurance Cover for Homeowners

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Homeowners Planning a Reno? Don’t Forget Contract Works Insurance!

If you’re excitedly planning a renovation for your home, you must be aware of the importance of arranging Contract Works (CW) Insurance Cover. Unlike your regular Home Insurance, Contract Works Insurance is designed specifically to protect your project during construction. CW Insurance will cover you for many things that could go wrong during a renovation or build.

One of the main reasons why you need CW Insurance is that your current Home Insurance policy is unlikely to provide adequate coverage for renovations. Insurers typically require separate Contract Works Insurance to ensure comprehensive protection during the construction phase. Be sure to discuss this with your builder to avoid any gaps in insurance coverage. CW insurance can cover you for extra fees when they may be required, such as theft or damage of supplied products for the project, repair work needed on the construction site, extra labour, and material costs if the project goes over schedule and more.

Another benefit of obtaining CW coverage through your current Home Insurance company is the convenience of having all your insurance needs handled under one insurer. By bundling your policies, you create an insurance package that simplifies the claims process should any issues arise down the line. There can be crossovers between the policies, making it easier to manage and resolve potential claims.

If your builder is arranging Contract Works Insurance for your renovation project, they will likely require some essential details about your existing Home Insurance policy. Be prepared to provide information such as your current home insurer (e.g., Ami, NZI, Vero), Policy Number, and the sum insured on your home for their CW cover application.

In conclusion, don’t overlook the significance of Contract Works Insurance when embarking on a renovation project. It offers vital protection for your investment, providing peace of mind as you transform your home. Take the time to discuss your insurance options with your builder and insurance provider to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the renovation process. Happy renovating!

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