A New Form of Networking

The Power of Networking Through Business Connect

Business Connect is the way forward in business networking connecting with like-minded people in business and making a difference in the world.

Networking impacts your business and network, enabling you to strengthen your business connections.

Interacting with people will keep your business on track, keep up with current trends and meet prospective clients, partners, and mentors.

Benefits of Business Connect Networking:

  • Fresh Ideas
  • Raise your profile
  • Advance your career
  • Access to job opportunities.
  • Gain more knowledge.
  • Career advice and support.
  • Build confidence.
  • Gain a unique perspective.
  • Develop long-lasting personal relationships.

Networking can be daunting, so Business Connect is an excellent place to start. It will help you to broaden your interaction with a diverse range of business owners and keep an open mind.


  • How will you introduce yourself and your business?
  • What three key points would you like someone to know about your business?
  • Are there areas of your business that need modifying?
  • Are there opportunities to collaborate with new suppliers or other businesses?
  • Are there new customer markets you would like to explore?
  • How can you make it easy for new contacts to follow up with you after the event, e.g. business cards and product samples?

The essential part of business networking is showing up. Regularly engaging with contacts strengthen business relationships, forming trust and supporting business goals.

Business Connect meetings can help develop relationships. Being in business can be stressful, so connecting, engaging with others and sharing ideas provide opportunities to overcome obstacles for business growth.

The power of networking provides:

  • access to knowledge and resources
  • improving your skill set and
  • It helps to develop your business and build long-lasting relationships.

Networking is both satisfying and empowering. So why not join the business networking trend and set your business on the right path with Business Connect?

Phillip Quay
CEO /Founder
Business Connect – By Media PA
P: 0274 587 724