Becker McGuire: Capturing Moments, Creating Stories with B. Remarkable Media

Set against the stunning backdrops of Wanaka/Queenstown, where awe-inspiring landscapes converge with an entrepreneurial ethos, Becker McGuire discovered his calling, giving rise to the inception of B. Remarkable Media in 2020. In 2021, drawing on his expertise in IT consulting, known for its precision, organisation, and need for efficiency, he grew the company and steered it towards a new chapter, relocating to the scenic Mount Maunganui where the business is still located.

Becker McGuire

Initially focusing on Aerial Photography & Video with drones, B. Remarkable Media’s first evolution was into Real Estate Photography & Video service. Becker’s consulting background equipped him with a clear, organised, and effective approach, resonating well with clients. The company has since expanded and leans towards providing commercial photography & video services to diverse brands, from engineering companies to hotels and tourism. Notably, the company avoids Wedding, Infant/Newborn Photography, and Family Portraits, focusing on areas where their passion and expertise shine.

What sets B. Remarkable Media apart is its deep commitment to understanding and telling the unique stories of businesses. The company engages in a variety of projects, including Brand Videos/Photography, Testimonial Videos, Product Photography, and Event coverage, reflecting their belief that every business, no matter how conventional, has a remarkable story worth sharing.

Additionally, B. Remarkable Media actively participates in the local community, providing professional services at major events like the National Jazz Festival and the Garden and Arts Festival. Grateful for the abundant positive feedback they receive, their commitment is rooted in cultivating trust, addressing unique client challenges, delivering unwavering top-quality work, and further solidifying their reputation as the Bay’s premier photographer/videographer.

Becker emphasises three key points about the business: their genuine passion, the untold stories behind seemingly ordinary businesses, and the power of authenticity in Testimonial Videos to connect with audiences.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Becker McGuire enjoys swimming, outdoor activities, tennis, and recreational drone flying. In line with his commitment to the community, he supports the Graeme Dingle Foundation, exemplifying the spirit of giving back. Becker understands the importance of networking, creating meaningful connections, and building a remarkable legacy through B. Remarkable Media.

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