Graham Roberts and Craigs Investment Partners: Navigating Financial Success and Giving Back

In 2012, Graham Roberts embarked on a pivotal journey when he joined Craigs Investment Partners, bringing with him a wealth of experience in Estate planning, Trust Management, and Employee Share Ownership Schemes from his diverse background in New Zealand and Jersey. The inspiration behind his move was rooted in a commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of equity investments and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Graham Roberts

Craigs Investment Partners, with almost 40 years of history, has evolved into New Zealand’s premier personal wealth investment advisory firm. As a locally-owned entity, the firm takes pride in assisting Kiwis in navigating the intricacies of investing, offering services that span KiwiSaver, Broking, and Managed Portfolios for private clients, family trusts, estates, and charitable organizations.

The firm’s key products and services revolve around managing investment portfolios for a diverse clientele. Whether through KiwiSaver, UK Pensions transfers, or tailored managed portfolios, Craigs Investment Partners caters to individuals seeking to diversify their wealth, with a focus on both growing and supporting it into retirement.

Beyond financial endeavours, Graham Roberts reveals a more personal side through his interests and hobbies, which include golf, badminton, and football. These activities provide a balance to his professional life, showcasing a well-rounded individual dedicated to both work and leisure.

Social giving is a core value embraced by Craigs Investment Partners, exemplified by their generous donation of $150,000 to charities nationwide during Christmas. This philanthropic effort extends beyond mere financial support, as the firm actively engages with charities connected to its employees throughout the year, fostering a sense of community involvement and shared responsibility.

Graham Roberts is not only a financial advisor but also a networker, actively participating in groups like The Networking Group. Through his involvement, he builds connections, shares insights, and contributes to the collective growth of the professional community.

In essence, Graham Roberts and Craigs Investment Partners embody a holistic approach to success, combining financial acumen with a commitment to social responsibility, community engagement, and a passion for personal interests.

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