WILMA J DESIGN – Pottery Created with Love

Growing up in Curacao, Wilma Jennings from Wilma J Design is renowned for her
progressive artwork and colour.

Her passion originates from the Caribbean and New Zealand. “The colours, architecture and
spirit of my birth island still influences my work, along with the beautiful flora and fauna of
my home country, New Zealand”.

Moving to New Zealand, Wilma created artwork for walls, furniture, handbags, shoes, and
clothing. With 50 years of experience, Wilma has transpired her love of art over time into
inspiring pottery pieces.

“I’ve always migrated to being creative, exercising that part of my brain that thinks in
pictures”, says Wilma Jennings.

Wilma Jennings was influenced in her pottery journey by well-known potters Yvonne Rust,
Len Castle, and lesser-known potter Margaret Radford. As a result, she has always been
mindful of quality, ensuring form, materials, and finishes are ‘fit for design and purpose’.

Wilma creates exclusive limited edition artwork. Prototypes are analysed by:

  • difficulty factor
  • efficiency to duplicate
  • processes to duplicat
  • marketing and
  • barriers.

Shifting her focus to teaching pottery, including in the classrooms where she has previously
taught pottery to specific age groups of around 30 children, Wilma also provides themed
workshops for people to develop their artistic talents.

” I am passionate about teaching people and taking them on a guided path that will lead to a

Wilma emphasises that design is a skill that will grow from working with clay by leaning on
the medium, seeing what it does and using that discovery as design.

“When a design idea doesn’t result in what was expected, don’t necessarily discard it. The
original is still there, so think and develop the unexpected result – this will create the next
design”, Wilma explains.
With her dominant medium being clay, Wilma feels her creative space constantly sits at a
crossroads between functional form, home decoration and art.

Each piece is designed passionately and holistically, aligning with Wilma J Design’s ethos –
“we’re drawn to colours and shapes that make our hearts sing”.


website: www.wilmajdesign.co.nz 
Facebook: Wilma J Design
Email: wilma@wilmajdesign.co.nz
Mobile: 021 103265

P: 0274 587 724