Entrepreneurs and businesses find strategic support with Business Connect

Phillip Quay at the latest Business Connect Event

Business Connect is fast providing New Zealand businesses and entrepreneurs with a community that is designed to encourage each other and help to achieve their strategic goals.

A collaboration of products and services, Business Connect is a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses in both the in-person and online space.

A place to mingle, learn and socialize with each other, “Business Connect is an entrepreneur hub, a greenhouse, where you find inspiration, where you don’t feel alone with doubts and struggles,” says Phillip Quay, founder of Business Connect.

“Business Connect is ideal for any business which likes to get their business seen, needs help with sales, clients, barriers or would like to connect with like-minded people to help them achieve bigger goals faster and succeed in their business,” commented Phillip at a Business Connect meeting on Tuesday.

Business Connect is an open and free platform without judgement and is not restricted by age, gender, or profession. “We can help you find products and services that you might not know are available to you,” adds Phillip.

Business Connect gives you the opportunity to seek advice and support. “We have key speakers and mentors, and we encourage you with activities that will assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming roadblocks,” says Phillip.

Since its inception last year, Business Connect has fostered new collectives, seen new clients signed up, products sold, new ideas and opportunities opened up as well as countless referrals.

Believing that businesses are stronger when they work together, Business Connect wants to help businesses grow and people flourish, “We are all connected through our roots and together we can achieve greater things,” says Phillip. Business Connect offers you a fantastic opportunity to interact in person, make new friends and get ideas to achieve your dream and live the life you deserve.


Phillip Quay

Business Connect

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Website: www.nzbusinessconnect.co.nz