Unlocking the Potential of 1093 Tairua Whitianga Road: A Kiwifruit Growing Dream

1093 Tairua Whitianga Road boasts unique features that make it an ideal location for cultivating kiwifruit and even avocadoes. This article will delve into the specific attributes that make this property suitable for kiwifruit growth, the steps a new owner should take to start their orchard, and the current property values in the surrounding area for context.

Suitability for Kiwifruit Growth

Perfect Contour: The land’s topography offers an ideal contour for kiwifruit cultivation, ensuring efficient water drainage.

Reliable Water Supply: This property benefits from a well-established water system that guarantees a steady flow for irrigation needs. Three freshwater springs converge into one stream that flows all year round.

Good Quality Soil: The soil composition is conducive to kiwifruit growth, providing an excellent foundation for healthy root development. The soil is a silt loam with good drainage characteristics and there are no barriers for root growth to at least 2 meters for most of the farm.

Additional Potential: The higher ground at the back and eastern side of the property presents an opportunity for growing avocadoes, further enhancing its agricultural potential.

Getting Started: Growing Kiwifruit

No License Required for Green Kiwifruit: A new owner can begin cultivation with proper equipment and irrigation setup.

Licensing for Gold Kiwifruit: To grow gold Kiwifruit, a license from Zespri is required. This investment provides access to the exclusive market for this premium variety.

Establishing Shelter Belts: Creating shelter belts is recommended to protect the orchard from harsh weather conditions.

Property Valuations in the Vicinity

12-Hectare Kiwifruit Property: A comparable property 5 minutes away sold for an impressive 12 million dollars 2 years ago.

60-Hectare Dairy Farm: A nearby dairy farm was sold for $3 million dollars 5 years ago, it was unsuitable for orcharding.

Residential Area Land: A rough parcel of land in Purangi recently sold for a noteworthy $4.5 million.

1093 Tairua Whitianga Road stands as a prime opportunity for prospective orchard owners. With its perfect contour, reliable water supply, and fertile soil, it provides an excellent foundation for a thriving orchard. Understanding the requirements and potential returns allows a new owner to tap into the full potential of this remarkable property.






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