Ashburton’s Agraforum’s RevolutionaryProducts: Cultivating Prosperity from the Ground Up

In the world of agriculture, Agraforum stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a suite of groundbreaking products designed to transform the way we nurture our crops. With a focus on enhancing soil health and plant metabolism, Agraforum’s offerings are ushering in a new era of sustainable and high-yield farming.

EnviroCal, a key player in Agraforum’s arsenal, introduces ionised calcium to the soil, triggering swift transformations in both soil structure and plant metabolism. Thus deepening the the aerobic zone and improving water holding capacity. The result is a cascade of benefits, including stimulated growth of soil microbes, and improved overall plant health. This, in turn, translates to higher-quality feed and less irrigation needed.

ComCat takes a natural approach by activating growth and defense mechanisms within plants. Boosting the communication of genetic messages, and bolstering resistance to diseases and pests as well as accelerating root and leaf growth. Meanwhile, ZumSil provides a shield against insects, diseases, and water stress, improving mineral uptake and soil texture.

Peptonic steps in with concentrated minerals, fortifying plants against extreme weather conditions and optimizing photosynthesis and flowering. 

ReSTORE, another gem in the Agraforum collection, is the remedy for plants damaged by herbicides, ensuring optimal growth and reducing susceptibility to alternative yields. Crop Candy, with its focus on photosynthesis, even flowering, and metabolism, minimises stress in plants.

ERGO CALF Shed Spray addresses respiratory health in calves, reducing mortality and ammonia levels without disrupting livestock.

ECO Flush targets pond health, reducing solids and unpleasant odors, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption when irrigated back onto the farm. Due to the break down nature, cleaning of effluent ponds will be unecessary.

MSR plays a pivotal role in increasing mineral content, revitalise depleted soil, supply phosphates to enhance yields, and reduce reliance on conventional chemicals. Containing 74 of the 121 available minerals in the world, this product takes care of mineral deficiency in the soil. 

AnnGro serves as a water soluble uptake enhancer, aiding in the affect of substances like pesticides and liquid nutrients. This innovative solution empowers farmers to efficiently boost their mineral uptake and effectiveness of sprays.

Agraforum’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident in its comprehensive product lineup, promising not just increased yields but a healthier and more resilient farming ecosystem. As we navigate the challenges of modern agriculture, Agraforum’s revolutionary products serve as a beacon, pointing the way to a greener, more prosperous future.

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