Merge, Wellington, New Zealand Leading the Way in Business Communications

by Sharon Dean

New Zealand-owned and operated company Merge Communications have provided integrated business communication solutions for small to large businesses since its inception in 2008.
Founders Paul Butterworth and Peter Flower’s expertise in digital and office technology and
communications over many decades has been paramount to the company’s success in building a trusted and innovative brand.
“Merge strives to provide fitting business solutions, not just products and services”.
Initially providing broadband and VOIP communication services for New Zealand small to medium businesses, success in sales has evolved into implementing a broader range of digital products and services.
“We have evolved into delivering digital and communications solutions to larger and multi-
site businesses”.
Merge Communications partners with ‘world-leading’ reliable brands and video conferencing
Merge’s point of difference strength is providing strong customer service connections,
delivering quality, reliable support and satisfaction, and exceeding customer expectations. 
“Merge provides local, highly responsive customer service”.
Many businesses have struggled to connect with the latest in ‘business technology’ –
business collaboration is essential more than ever in the workplace. 
Merge Communications offers up-to-date, innovative solutions for your business.

Office technology

  • VoIP (a proven based cloud VoIP service)
  • Office 365 and Teams calling
  • Managed print
  • Work from home

Meeting technology
The pandemic has changed how we communicate in and out of the office. As a result, video
conferencing has become a ‘must-have’ preferred technology solution for continued
business client communication, a competitive market and global connections.

  • Bluejeans for videoconferencing and events
  • Maxhub, unified communications, panels, digital signage
  • Quicklaunch, one-touch connection
  • Video Window, always on human-to-human connectivity

Mobile Technology

  • Mobile Plans
  • Mobile device management
  • eTXT messaging and marketing

Network Technology

  • Broadband
  • Cellular broadband failover
  • WiFi
  • Managed network

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