Discover Winter in Paradise: Whale Watching & Island Adventures with Pacific Resort Hotel Group

Photo Credit: Daniel Fisher

As winter descends in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s no better time to escape to the tropical paradise of the Cook Islands. With average temperatures hovering around a balmy 26°C during the day and a comfortable 19°C at night, the Cook Islands offer a perfect antidote to the winter blues. Visitors can picture themselves basking in the warmth, surrounded by lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters, a stark contrast to the chilly winter weather back home.

The warm and sunny climate of the Cook Islands makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as snorkelling, hiking, and exploring the island. The comfortable temperatures of the winter months allow visitors to enjoy the full range of activities without the intense heat of summer.

One of the highlights of visiting the Cook Islands during the winter months is the opportunity to witness the majestic humpback whales. Whale watching season, which runs from July to October, provides an unforgettable experience as these gentle giants migrate through the Cook Islands’ pristine waters. The thrill of spotting a breaching whale against the backdrop of a stunning sunset is a memory to cherish.

To make the most of your winter getaway, we highly recommend booking in advance, so that you too can enjoy and fully embrace the island’s offerings during this popular time. Checking the [Cook Islands’ event calendar] for upcoming events and experiences that align with travel dates adds another layer of excitement to your holiday.

Pacific Resort Hotel Group embraces the Kia Orana spirit of hospitality, ensuring that every stay is both comfortable and memorable. More about this commitment to hospitality can be found in the [Kia Orana spirit blog].

Whether exploring the vibrant marine life, indulging in exquisite dining, or simply relaxing on the beach, Pacific Resort Hotel Group offers an unparalleled winter escape. For more reasons to choose the Cook Islands as your winter destination, check out this [guide].


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AI Seminar Hosted by NZ Business Connect: A Transformative Networking Event Sponsored by iCLAW | Hamilton

A large turnout of Waikato business owners from diverse industries gathered for the NZ Business Connect event in Hamilton last week with the topic being artificial intelligence.

Sponsored by iCLAW and hosted at their premises in Hamilton, the seminar left business owners in no doubt that they need to at least be aware of artificial intelligence and the impact it can have on all aspects of life in the future.

The function’s guest speaker was Professor Albert Bifet, an expert in AI and data science from the University Of Waikato, and Owen Culliney Partner of iCLAW.  

left to right: Richard Briggs, iCLAW Chief Executive, Professor Albert Bifet, NZ Business Connect Founder Phillip Quay and iCLAW Partner Owen Culliney

Setting the Stage for AI Innovation

The seminar commenced  with an introduction by the MC for the evening, Richard Briggs, Chief Executive at iCLAW.

Phillip Quay, founder of NZ Business Connect, then took the stage to emphasise the seminar’s aim to bridge the gap between technological advancement and legal preparedness, setting the scene for an eye-opening forum.

Professor Albert Bifet: Understanding the Risks and Benefits of AI

Professor Albert Bifet, a globally recognised authority in artificial intelligence, delivered the first keynote address. He began by explaining the fundamentals of AI, discussing what AI is, how it functions, and the mechanics behind ChatGPT.

“There are many ways to talk about AI, but I’d really like to talk about data- driven intelligence. Basically, everything is based on data, so if we don’t have data, we don’t have intelligence,” Professor Bifet said.

Professor Bifet elaborated on how AI can improve efficiency, enhance products and encourage innovation. He highlighted the concept of a “virtual cycle” where better products attract more users, generating more data and leading to even better products. By presenting real-world examples. He demonstrated how businesses could leverage AI to enhance efficiency, make data-driven decisions and create innovative products and services.

Additionally, Professor Bifet addressed the ethical considerations of AI, stressing the need for transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI systems. He underlined the importance of developing AI technologies that are not only advanced but also ethically sound and beneficial to society as a whole.

Owen Culliney: Navigating the Legal Landscape

Following Professor Bifet’s inspiring presentation, Owen Culliney took the stage to provide a legal perspective on AI. Culliney’s presentation focused on the impact of AI on the legal profession and all businesses. He covered three main topics: how the legal industry has adapted to AI, the legal aspects of AI, and ownership of AI-generated material.

Mr Culliney emphasised the significant opportunities AI presents to the law profession, despite initial resistance to technological change. He discussed how iCLAW has implemented AI tools, with strict guidelines to protect client confidentiality. Regarding the ownership of AI-generated material, Culliney noted that New Zealand’s approach allows the person who inputs the prompt into the AI system to own the generated work. He acknowledged that this area of law is still evolving and will likely be tested and refined in the future.

Photo Credit: Maruchel Snyman, shootographyza

A Dynamic Q&A Session

The seminar concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, where attendees engaged directly with the speakers. Questions ranged from the practical implementation of AI in small businesses to the ethical dilemmas posed by autonomous systems. Both Professor Bifet and Mr Culliney provided insightful answers, offering practical advice and thoughtful perspectives.

Networking and Future Collaborations

As the event drew to a close, attendees mingled and networked, discussing potential collaborations and sharing their experiences. The seminar not only provided valuable knowledge but also fostered a sense of community among professionals passionate about AI and its implications.

Business Card Draw

The winner of the business card draw was IP Strategist, Kate Wilson. She won a ‘Meet Thy Neighbour’ $500 voucher to spend locally.


The NZ Business Connect AI Seminar, sponsored by iCLAW, was a resounding success. It equipped attendees with a deeper understanding of AI technologies and the legal frameworks necessary to navigate this rapidly evolving field. With keynote speeches from Professor Albert Bifet and Owen Culliney, the event underscored the critical interplay between technological innovation and legal compliance, paving the way for a future where businesses can harness the full potential of AI responsibly and ethically.

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It is Dangerously Easy to Hack the World’s Phones: How to get protected! By New Zealand’s Merge Communications

Experts have warned for years that a crucial technology at the center of global communications is dangerously exposed. Recent evidence shows this technology has been used to spy on individuals both globally and in New Zealand. Merge Communications with Samsung Knox provides a robust solution to help protect against these threats.

Kevin Briggs, an official at America’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, reported numerous incidents of unauthorised attempts to steal location data, monitor voice and text messages, and deliver spyware. This technology, known as Signalling System 7 (SS7) and its newer counterpart, Diameter, were developed decades ago for call management but are now widely exploited due to security weaknesses.

SS7 has been exploited for various malicious activities, such as spying on political figures and intercepting SMS authentication codes to steal money. More recently, hackers have eavesdropped on dissidents and stolen sensitive data for commercial gain through SS7 anomalies, further exposing the level of threat.

While some mobile operators are phasing out SS7, the protocol remains prevalent globally, including in New Zealand, where operators still use it for international roaming. Merge Communications with Samsung Knox offers a level of protection for mobile devices, providing enhanced security measures against these vulnerabilities. Samsung Knox is a multi-layered security platform, offering protection for mobile devices against a wide range of cyber threats. It creates containers and safe areas to protect data, significantly reducing the chances of successful attacks.

Users can protect themselves to some extent with end-to-end encrypted apps like WhatsApp, Signal, or iMessage, though these can also be compromised by sophisticated spyware. In some cases, devices can be infected without the user even realising it. The threat is real and pervasive; agencies worldwide have been equipped with advanced spyware by a network of surveillance suppliers.

To mitigate these risks, New Zealand’s telecom operators are continually enhancing network security, updating software, and conducting regular penetration tests. Merge Communications, through Samsung Knox, is leading the charge against spyware on mobile devices. Although no mobile device management (MDM) solution can fully prevent a cyber-attack, Samsung Knox reduces the likelihood of such attacks and can safeguard critical data.

Spyware and similar surveillance software frequently targets high-value individuals, but will start extending into the wider population, and the implications for privacy and security are profound and affect everyone in society.

It is imperative to address these vulnerabilities to ensure a safer communication network for all, providing peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world. With the right measures, we can significantly reduce these threats and protect our communications infrastructure. Remember, the device you have may already be infected without your knowledge, making it crucial to implement robust security solutions like Samsung Knox.

Disclaimer: Samsung has developed a security solution called Knox that is built into their mobile devices. Data that you store in Knox is protected by military-grade encryption. For more details please visit:

May vary between operating systems and devices.

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The Origin Story of Great Spice Otumoetai, Award Winning Indian Tandoori Restaurant and Bar

Great Spice Otumoetai is a locally owned and operated gem in the heart of Tauranga, New Zealand. Chef Khem Chandra Aryal, alongside his wife Ganga Aryal, brings over 20 years of experience in Indian cuisine to create a dining experience that combines tradition, passion, and community spirit. The journey to establishing Great Spice Otumoetai is one of dedication, hard work, and a deep-seated desire to make people happy through food and exceptional service.

History and Inspiration

The inspiration behind Great Spice Otumoetai stems from Khem’s lifelong dream of owning his own restaurant. After years of honing his skills in various Indian cuisine restaurants, Khem wanted to bring his vision to life, focusing on creating a place where guests could experience authentic Indian flavours in a welcoming environment. His passion for cooking and his joy in seeing satisfied smiles on his customers’ faces drive the heart of the restaurant.

Business Beginnings

Khem’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 when he opened his first restaurant under a different brand in Palmerston North. This venture provided invaluable experience and insights into the restaurant business. Building on this foundation, Khem and Ganga rebranded to Great Spice in 2015. Their commitment to quality food and excellent service quickly earned them a loyal customer base and numerous accolades.

Key Products and Services

Great Spice Otumoetai prides itself on offering a diverse menu of authentic Indian dishes at reasonable prices, all in a great location. The restaurant’s success is attributed to several factors:

  • Guest Experience: A focus on continuously improving the dining experience for all guests.
  • Owner Involvement: Khem and Ganga’s active participation ensures high standards.
  • Dedicated Staff: A team committed to maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and quality service.
  • Positive Reviews: Excellent customer feedback highlights their success.
  • Convenient Services: Easy online takeaway delivery, a user-friendly website, and efficient restaurant systems enhance customer convenience.

Target Markets

Great Spice Otumoetai serves a diverse clientele, including:

  1. Local Residents: Aged 20-70, seeking regular, authentic Indian dining and takeaway options.
  2. Business and Corporate Groups: Offering a perfect setting for business lunches and corporate events.
  3. Tourists and Visitors: Providing a taste of authentic Indian cuisine to travellers.
  4. Rest Home Groups: Catering to group lunches with a focus on quality and accessibility.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a beloved local favourite, Great Spice Otumoetai continues to thrive on Khem and Ganga Aryal’s unwavering dedication to bringing joy through food and service. Visit Great Spice Otumoetai to experience the passion and tradition that define their culinary journey.

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Prime Real Estate Opportunities in Mangatangi, Maramarua

Lot 1

930 Monument Road (Lot 1), Mangatangi

Lot 1 on Monument Road is an exceptional lifestyle property in Mangatangi, offering 8000m² of prime rural land. This vacant residential section is ideally situated to provide a peaceful retreat while still being accessible to necessary amenities. The property is set in a picturesque rural landscape, characterised by its proximity to productive dairy farms and lifestyle blocks, ensuring a balance of seclusion and community. With one building site already consented, this property presents a great development opportunity. The flat contour and manageable size make it an excellent choice for building a bespoke rural home. The potential to create a unique and personalised living space in a tranquil environment is immense.

Lot 2

10 Miller Road (Lot 2), Mangatangi

Nestled in the serene rural setting of Mangatangi, Lot 2 on Miller Road offers an expansive 1.33-hectare vacant section perfect for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle property. This rear lot, accessed off Miller Road, boasts a mainly flat, irregularly shaped terrain, providing multiple potential building sites. The property already has one building site consented, making it a great development opportunity. The rural residential zoning ensures a peaceful environment surrounded by economic dairy units and grazing properties, interspersed with rural lifestyle blocks. The large size and irregular shape of the lot offer numerous possibilities for creative landscaping and building, allowing you to craft a truly bespoke rural retreat.

The market value for both of these sections is estimated at $630,000, inclusive of GST, reflecting the area’s desirable location and the growing interest in lifestyle properties. No convenant.

Key Location Highlights

Both properties are well-connected with essential services, including electricity and rural mail delivery, making them convenient choices for future homes. Their strategic locations offer easy access to local attractions and amenities:

– Miranda: 8 minutes

– Local School: 1 minute

– Thames: 40 minutes

– Coromandel: 1 hour 36 minutes

– Auckland: 1 hour

– Hamilton: 1 hour 5 minutes

Market Insights and Opportunities

The rural lifestyle property market in the Waikato District has seen steady demand, with lifestyle property sales showing resilience. According to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), lifestyle property sales have increased by 4.3% in the past three months compared to the previous period. This trend highlights the growing appeal of rural living, driven by the desire for space, tranquillity, and a closer connection to nature.

Both sections, with their competitive pricing and prime locations, are expected to attract significant interest. Whether you are looking to build a family home or invest in a valuable piece of real estate, these properties in Mangatangi offer a unique blend of rural charm and modern convenience. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to secure a slice of the idyllic Waikato countryside and create a personalised haven tailored to your lifestyle needs.

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Renowned Hamilton-based Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram Calls For More Competition In the New Zealand Fertiliser Market

For Immediate Release

Date: 21 June 2024 

[Hamilton, New Zealand] – One of New Zealand’s most renowned experts in soil fertility, Dr Gordon Rajendram, today issued an urgent call for greater competition and innovation within New Zealand’s fertiliser industry to bring product prices down.

Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram

Dr Rajendram, who is a prominent speaker at rural industry forums throughout New Zealand, says his observations highlight a severe lack of competition leading to ongoing high fertiliser prices, stifled innovation, and a worrying lack of change in the fertiliser sector.

“The fertiliser market in New Zealand is dominated by a few key players, resulting in limited choices for consumers and consistently high prices,” says Dr Rajendram. “This monopoly-like situation sharpens awareness but also makes companies lazy, relying on their established market positions rather than striving for improvement. Many of these companies are selling the same products they did in the 1950s, with little to no innovation. Super phosphate, has done more for New Zealand’s economy than any politician ever has, but it’s time for change.”

The current market shows fertiliser prices still above pre-COVID levels, with super phosphate approximately at $425 per tonne and urea at $795 per tonne. Farmers are now starting to look for alternatives due to these high prices and question marks over environmental aspects of traditional fertiliser products.

“In the past, it was more about growing as much pasture as possible. Now, it’s also important to ensure whatever you apply doesn’t run off and leach, causing environmental issues,” adds Dr Rajendram. This shift in focus from merely growing pasture or crops to keeping nutrients in the soil requires more efficient, low phosphate, and slow-release fertilisers that are less water soluble.

“A prime example of the benefits of competition can be seen in the dairy industry, where the presence of multiple companies has led to significant advancements in product quality and efficiency.

“The fertiliser industry could learn a lot from this. Innovation is essential for addressing the evolving needs of modern agriculture, particularly in a country like New Zealand, where farming is a cornerstone of the economy, Dr Rajendram said.

“Currently, the focus seems to be on maintaining the status quo but Rajendram says that the agricultural sector requires fertilisers that are not only effective but also environmentally sustainable. Without competition, there is little incentive for any company to move forward and innovate,” he said.

Dr Rajendram emphasises the need for urgent industry transformation to prevent it from becoming a sunset industry. “Competition sharpens everyone’s prices and forces companies to offer better products,” he says.

“In conclusion, the New Zealand fertiliser industry needs a shake-up. More competition will lead to better products, fairer prices, and ultimately, a stronger agricultural sector. It’s time for fertiliser companies to stop resting on their laurels and start driving the innovation that our farmers need,” Dr Rajendram says.

For more information, please contact:

Contact Dr Gordon Rajendram

021 466077

About Dr Gordon Rajendram: 

Dr Gordon Rajendram is a distinguished independent soil scientist with extensive experience in the agricultural sector. His work focuses on improving soil health and sustainability practices in farming, making him a respected voice in the industry.

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Agraforum New Zealand Highlights EnviroCal for Soil Aeration and Compaction Solutions

Agraforum New Zealand, a leader in agricultural innovation, today emphasised the benefits of EnviroCal over traditional mechanical aeration for soil compaction management. Soil compaction is a significant issue affecting crop productivity by limiting root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient absorption. Effective soil aeration is crucial for sustainable agriculture, as it enhances these essential processes. Agraforum’s research and development have led to the development of EnviroCal, a superior solution that addresses soil compaction through chemical means, offering a sustainable, efficient, and long-lasting improvement in soil health.

Allan Piercy and Dr Gordon Rajendram

EnviroCal: The Non-Physical Solution

EnviroCal utilises free unbound calcium to create aeration, unlike bound calcium in lime and gypsum. This approach works quickly, showing results within 4-6 weeks, and offers long-lasting effects without the need for physical intervention. By improving soil structure and reducing compaction, EnviroCal enhances root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient absorption.

The Science Behind EnviroCal

EnviroCal leverages the unique properties of free unbound calcium ions. When applied to the soil, these calcium ions displace magnesium, potassium or sodium ions and bind with soil particles, promoting flocculation. This process helps to create larger soil aggregates, enhancing soil structure and porosity. Improved soil porosity allows for better air and water movement within the soil, which is crucial for healthy root development and efficient nutrient uptake. This scientific mechanism differentiates EnviroCal from traditional calcium sources like lime and gypsum, where calcium is  bound and electrically neutralised and less effective in altering soil structure. By increasing available calcium, this also adjusts the electrical charge of soil colloids, promoting aggregation and improving soil health.

Allan Piercy, Directing Manager of Agraforum New Zealand, stated, “EnviroCal offers a non-physical, effective solution for soil compaction, ensuring sustainable soil health. Our focus is to provide farmers with efficient and environmentally friendly options for optimal soil management.”

Mechanical Aeration: A Labour-Intensive and Less Sustainable Approach

While mechanical aeration provides immediate results by physically creating small holes in the soil, it is temporary because you haven’t changed the under lying cause, is  labour-intensive and requires frequent repetition, making it less sustainable. The method involves using tools like aerators or tillers to break up compacted soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more effectively. However, the benefits are often short-lived, especially in soils prone to recurrent compaction where the problem is lack of  the correct electrical polarity on the individual soil colloids.

Advantages of EnviroCal:

1. Quick Results: Effective within 4-6 weeks.

2. Sustained Aeration: Long-lasting improvement without the need for repeated physical interventions.

3. Soil Health: Promotes a healthy, well-aerated soil structure which is essential for root growth, nutrient absorption and microbial activity.

4. Environmental Benefits: Reduces the need for frequent mechanical disruption, preserving soil integrity and promoting ecological balance.

Dr Gordon Rajendram, soil scientist, adds, “Understanding the importance of free unbound calcium in soil aeration is key. EnviroCal stands out as a superior solution for long-term soil health and productivity. Unlike mechanical aeration, EnviroCal provides a more enduring solution that supports continuous soil improvement and reduces the need for constant intervention.”

About Agraforum New Zealand

By promoting the use of EnviroCal, Agraforum aims to equip farmers with the best tools and knowledge to improve soil management practices. This commitment to sustainable agriculture ensures that New Zealand’s farmers can achieve higher productivity while maintaining environmental integrity.

To find out more, give Allan a call and he can discuss the benefits of EnviroCal and how it can enhance your farming operation.

Contact Agraforum

Mobile: 0274 485 159

Contact Phillip Quay
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Profile Fertilisers New Zealand, Highlights the Power of Fertilisers for Soil Microbiology Health

New Zealand – June 18th, 2024 – Profile Fertilisers, at the forefront of the agricultural revolution with their innovative products underscores the critical role of alternative fertilisers in maintaining and enhancing soil microbiology, essential for sustainable agriculture. Their product, Elevate, exemplifies how alternative fertiliser solutions can benefit soil health and crop productivity.

“Alternative fertilisers like Elevate are vital for sustainable soil management, enhancing microbial health and ensuring long-term soil fertility,” says Don Henderson, Director of Profile Fertilisers.

Understanding Soil Microbiology:

Soil is teeming with life, housing billions of microorganisms per gram. These include bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa, all playing vital roles in nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, and plant health. Healthy microbial populations are essential for converting organic matter into nutrients that plants can readily absorb, thus maintaining soil fertility and structure.

Key Benefits of Elevate:

1. Enhancing Soil Microbiology:

   – Elevate fosters a diverse and active microbial community, crucial for nutrient cycling and organic matter decomposition.

2. pH Enhancement and Aluminium Reduction:

   – By raising soil pH and reducing aluminium toxicity, Elevate creates a more favourable environment for microbial life and plant growth.

3. Consistent Nutrient Supply:

   – Elevate provides a reliable supply of nutrients, supporting both plants and microbes over time. This continuous nutrient availability is vital for sustaining robust microbial populations and ensuring efficient nutrient cycling.

4. Improved Soil Structure:

   – Enhanced microbial activity leads to better soil structure, increased water retention, aeration, and root penetration, creating an ideal environment for plant growth.

Dr Gordon Rajendram, a renowned soil scientist, adds, “Elevate’s ability to balance soil pH and foster microbial activity marks a significant advancement in sustainable agriculture. Healthy soil microbiology is the cornerstone of resilient and productive farming systems.”


Profile Fertilisers’ Elevate demonstrates the importance of the role that lime based products have in promoting healthy soil microbiology. By adopting such innovative solutions, farmers can achieve healthier soils and more resilient crops, contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

For more information, visit Profile Fertilisers or give Don or the factory a call and the team can teach you more about the benefits of their products.

About Profile Fertilisers:

Profile Fertilisers is dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for modern agriculture, focusing on enhancing soil health and crop productivity through advanced fertiliser technologies.

Contact Profile Fertilisers

Don Henderson: 021 643 698

Factory:027 222 7698

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Warm Sheepskin Pet Rugs for the Fur Baby in Your Life

Sheepskin pet rugs have gained popularity among pet owners due to their warmth, comfort and natural properties. These warm beds are made from genuine sheepskin, which provides a soft, plush surface that pets love to snuggle into. The unique qualities of sheepskin make it an excellent choice for pet bedding, offering a range of benefits that cater to the comfort and health of pets.

One of the primary advantages of sheepskin pet beds is their exceptional softness and warmth. The natural wool fibers create a cushioned surface that supports pets’ bodies, relieving pressure points and providing a cozy resting place.

If your pet is recovering from an injury or surgery, a comfortable and supportive bed is very important. This can be particularly beneficial for older pets or those with arthritis and joint issues, as the gentle support can alleviate discomfort and promote better healing sleep.

Add a sheepskin rug on top of an existing pet bed for extra padding and warmth, or use it inside a pet crate. These pet beds are hand or machine-washable with the Gorgeous Creatures woolskin wash. And protect your furniture from muddy paws and scratchy claws.

Sheepskin is also naturally temperature-regulating, keeping pets warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This adaptability ensures that pets remain comfortable regardless of the season, making sheepskin beds a versatile option for year-round use.

And sheepskin has moisture-wicking properties, which helps keep the bed dry and prevents the buildup of odours. This can be especially useful for pets prone to sweating or drooling, ensuring that the bed remains fresh and hygienic.

Durability is another strong point for sheepskin pet beds. High-quality sheepskin is resilient and can withstand regular use and washing while maintaining its softness and shape. This longevity makes sheepskin beds a worthwhile investment, as they provide lasting comfort for pets over time.

Pets are such an important member of our family. We want to give them the best life in the most comfortable pet beds.

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Celebrate the Taupo Winter Festival with Centennial House Taupo

Centennial House Taupo is excited to experience the magic of winter at the Taupo Winter Festival, an event that transforms the stunning landscape of Lake Taupo into a winter wonderland from 5th to 21st July. This much-anticipated festival promises an array of family-friendly activities, live performances, and mesmerising displays that highlight the beauty and vibrancy of winter in Taupo.

The Taupo Winter Festival is packed with exciting activities for all ages. Visitors can glide on the spectacular ice rink, race down thrilling ice slides, and marvel at creative art installations. The festival’s food stalls offer a variety of delicious treats, perfect for warming up on a crisp winter day. In the evenings, captivating light shows illuminate the surroundings, creating a magical atmosphere. Interactive workshops provide opportunities to learn new skills, while live music and theatre performances add to the vibrant cultural experience.

One of the festival’s highlights is the Mercury Light Hub, an enchanting spectacle located at Tongariro North Domain. This hub features an array of illuminated installations and light displays, transforming the night into a luminous wonderland. With creative displays designed by talented artists, the Mercury Light Hub provides a visual feast that captivates visitors of all ages. It’s an experience that combines art, light, and imagination, creating a perfect setting for memorable moments and stunning photographs.

Special Winter Deal

As visitors plan their trip to the festival, Centennial House Taupo offers a convenient and comfortable accommodation option. Located just a short drive from the heart of the festival, Centennial House provides a cosy retreat after a day of winter fun. They are currently offering a special winter deal: book two nights and receive an extra night for free, or book four nights and enjoy two additional nights on them. This offer is valid until the 31st of August.

Centennial House’s newly restyled rooms offer modern comfort, and their new outdoor furniture creates a charming setting to enjoy the crisp winter air and beautiful garden views.

Don’t miss out on the Taupo Winter Festival’s enchanting experience. Book your stay at Centennial House Taupo today and take advantage of their fantastic winter deals, ensuring your festival visit is both enjoyable and affordable. The team at Centennial House looks forward to welcoming guests and making their winter escape truly unforgettable.

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