Bethells Beach Cottages, Natural Luxury for Humans Being: Embracing Generations of Hospitality with Trude and John’s Enchanting Touch

Nestled on the pristine Bethell family land, Trude Bethell and John Paice of Bethells Beach Cottages embody the essence of hospitality with a motto that resonates deeply: “to give is to love, and to love is to live.” As the 5th generation guardians of this idyllic slice of paradise in New Zealand, they extend a warm welcome to visitors from around the globe.

Bethells Beach Cottages

Trude, accompanied by John, proudly carries the legacy of her family, serving as the caretaker of this magical haven. Beyond being hosts, they are keepers of local history and exemplars of pioneering spirit, weaving their unique tales into the fabric of Bethells Beach.

Their commitment to providing an extraordinary experience is evident in the “little touches” that define a stay at the cottages. Each detail reflects the passion and dedication that Trude and John infuse into their role as hosts. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous years, they are not only experts in offering unique lodging but also seasoned event organizers.

Trude’s rich experience extends to her role as a celebrant for over three decades, showcasing her deep connection to mentoring, healing, and a profound love for life. She readily travels to officiate personalized ceremonies, creating memorable moments for individuals who seek her services.

Despite the emphasis on privacy for their guests, Trude and John are always ready to share their extensive knowledge of the local area. Whether it’s recommending hidden gems, providing historical insights, or assisting with event planning, their genuine desire to enhance the visitor experience shines through.

As guardians of Bethells Beach Cottages, Trude and John eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share the magic of this breathtaking place with their guests. With a remarkable rating of 4.5 based on 35 reviews, it’s clear that their commitment to hospitality leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to experience the enchantment of Bethells Beach.

Natural luxury for humans being.

To give is to love and to love is to live – Trude Bethell

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