MAD Media Launches New Digital Billboard Site in Hamilton

MAD Media has opened up a realm of opportunities to cover a market with the best reach at the best price. Providing advertising that can update content regularly, is cost-effective and worth the investment for businesses for maximum distance.

The new digital billboard at the western end of Wairere Drive is an addition to the popular Pukete site.

Digital boards allow you to bridge the gap between old and new, captivating the ‘modern’ audience. Modern marketing has changed in a world tailored to attract and engage. As a result, they are fast becoming the go-to for many businesses marketing campaigns.

MAD Media is a local business that understands the challenges many small businesses/start-ups face when navigating their advertising.

Producing advertising that is both affordable and accessible is at the forefront of their minds.

MAD Media offers the most cost-effective advertising packages available on their sites from $150 plus GST per week for over 2000 advertisements. MAD Media has designed advertising packages with the SME market in mind, curating options to suit businesses marketing needs. Advertisers can now target a total audience of 133,000 visuals per day.

This combination offers an extensive audience reach at the lowest cost across two sites. For under $400 per week and 3000 advertisements, your business can reach a broad reach across Hamilton.

MAD Media also offers the following:

  • No installation costs or swap-out charges, no hidden fees -the prices cover everything
  • No long-term contracts or agreements to sign. You can start and finish at any time.
  • An in-house design team to work with you to create a design for you at absolutely no charge.
  • You can have multiple advertisements running at once.

We make it easy. Running a business is a full-time operation, so planning your advertising can be removed from the to-do list. We are here to help and have had great success with all types of businesses who advertise with us.

We love supporting local businesses – get in touch today and let MAD Media get your
business up in lights!

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