Discover Unparalleled Accommodation at Rua Resort Hamilton: A Fusion of Culture and Elegance

Perched atop Foster Rd, Rua Resort in Temple View stands as a testament to a unique blend of cultures and dreams. The journey of this captivating Mediterranean-style house begins with a persistent New Zealand businessman with a vision fuelled by love.

Years of persuasion led him to convince the owners of the land to subdivide and sell him 5 acres of prime real estate boasting million-pound views. His motivation was clear—he wanted to bring his Japanese wife and three children back to New Zealand. However, his wife harboured a dream of living in Italy. Undeterred, he embarked on a mission to make her dream a reality, right in the heart of New Zealand.

The result is a stunning Italian house that stands as a symbol of love and compromise. The architecture, true to its inspiration, transports visitors to the charm of Italy. Imported wallpapers, tiles, and light fittings from Italy grace the upper floors, creating an authentic atmosphere. Yet, the house doesn’t forget its Japanese roots. A lowered kitchen bench and a spacious bathroom with a complete wet area, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese bathroom but on a grand scale, pay homage to the diverse influences shaping this home.

In more recent times the journey of cultural fusion also involved adapting a tatami room on the main floor. Though the woven floor mats were not designed to withstand the test of time, the owners made the necessary adjustments, raising the floor and replacing it with concrete and carpet.

Today, Rua Resort operates as a boutique bed and breakfast, inviting guests from around the world to experience the warmth and character of this unique dwelling. Visitors not only enjoy the comfortable accommodations but also have the privilege of immersing themselves in the million-dollar views that surround the resort. Rua Resort stands as a living testament to the power of love, compromise, and the harmonious blending of diverse cultures in the creation of a home away from home.

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