Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is Excited about Pharmacies Providing Nationwide Health Consultations for Free

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is welcoming the announcement that this Winter, pharmacies are providing Health Consultations and treatments for a range of common conditions.
For eligible patients, this service can be FREE.

The conditions covered are: 

– Acute diarrhea/vomiting/ dehydration 

– Bacterial eye infections 

– Eye inflammation 

– Pain/fever 

– Scabies/ Head lice 

– Eczema/ Dermatitis 

– Minor skin infections. 

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy owner Nancy Nasef says, “It is really important to me to feel like I am serving the community, that I am there for my community.”

“Call in and make a time to see us for trusted advice to help you to manage your condition. We can provide treatment options including medicine.  If your condition needs further support, we can recommend the best place for you to go for your condition.” – says Nancy 

“We can safely and efficiently dispense a wide range of medicines, including prescription and non-prescription treatments for most common ailments and medical conditions.”

Who is eligible to receive this FREE service?

The FREE Winter Health Consultations are available for:

  • All Māori and Pacific people.
  • All Children under 14 years of age, or Whānau members of a child with similar symptoms*
  • All Community Service Card (CSC) holders

*For example, if the pharmacist gives your child medicine for scabies and you, or your brothers and systems also have symptoms, they may give advice and medicine to all of you.

The service runs from Monday 12 June to Saturday 30 September 2023.

If you don’t meet the FREE eligibility criteria, one of our pharmacists will be able to provide you with advice about your health condition, appropriate treatment options and let you know whether you should also see your doctor or another healthcare provider.

“You and your family’s health and well-being is at the centre of everything we do. We care that the people in our local community can trust our team of friendly, local professionals to provide advice and solutions to help them live happily and live well.”

“If you did need more advice or wanted to talk to someone, I want people to understand that they can come in and talk to a very highly qualified professional about anything.” –says Nancy.

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