Understanding the Science Behind Slow-Release Fertilisers by Profile Fertilisers, New Zealand

In the ever-evolving field of agriculture, slow-release fertilisers have become a game-changer for farmers seeking sustainable and efficient nutrient management. Profile Fertilisers, based in New Zealand, offers an innovative range of slow-release fertilisers that differ significantly from conventional options. Understanding what sets these fertilisers apart can help farmers make informed decisions for their crops.

Traditional fertilisers often release nutrients rapidly upon application, leading to a quick but short-lived nutrient surge in the soil. This can result in nutrient leaching, where excess nutrients wash away into water systems, causing environmental issues and reducing the efficiency of fertiliser use. In contrast, slow-release fertilisers are designed to release nutrients gradually, matching the natural uptake patterns of plants.

Key Components of Slow-Release Fertilisers:

1. Coating Materials: One of the primary features of slow-release fertilisers is the use of coating materials that control the rate at which nutrients are released. These coatings can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as sulphur, polymer, or resin. The coating acts as a barrier, allowing water to penetrate slowly and dissolve the nutrients at a controlled pace.

2. Encapsulation Technology: Advanced encapsulation technology is employed to encase the fertiliser granules. This technology ensures that nutrients are released over an extended period, typically ranging from several weeks to months. The rate of release can be precisely tailored based on the crop’s nutrient needs and environmental conditions.

3. Controlled Solubility: The solubility of the fertiliser components is another critical factor. Slow-release fertilisers are formulated with nutrient compounds that dissolve slowly in water. This controlled solubility prevents the rapid depletion of nutrients and ensures a consistent supply to the plants.

4. Microbial Decomposition: Some slow-release fertilisers incorporate organic materials that require microbial decomposition to release nutrients. This natural process not only provides a steady nutrient flow but also enhances soil health by promoting beneficial microbial activity.

Profile Fertilisers’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their range of slow-release fertilisers. These products are designed not only to meet the nutritional needs of crops but also to align with the principles of sustainable agriculture. By understanding the science behind slow-release fertilisers, farmers can better appreciate their benefits and make choices that support both their productivity and the environment.

In conclusion, slow-release fertilisers from Profile Fertilisers offer a sophisticated solution to the challenges of modern agriculture. With advanced coating technologies, controlled solubility, and microbial decomposition, these fertilisers provide a steady and efficient nutrient supply, fostering sustainable farming practices in New Zealand and beyond.

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Celebrating World Ocean Day on June 8th with Pacific Resort Hotel Group

On 8th June 2024, the world will unite to celebrate World Ocean Day, a global initiative dedicated to honouring and protecting our oceans. Pacific Resort Hotel Group is embracing this opportunity by organising and participating in various activities across their locations, significantly contributing to environmental well-being.

Rarotonga Initiatives

In Rarotonga, the Pacific Resort Hotel Group, including Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa, and Little Polynesian Resort, will launch their own initiative on Friday, 7th June. All departments will take part in the “Clean Beach Initiative,” focusing on Muri Beach and Enua Manea’s Beach. This effort underscores their commitment to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the environment. Guests are invited to join in, offering a hands-on experience that contributes to environmental health and provides a unique connection to the local community and the natural beauty of Rarotonga.

Aitutaki Efforts

At Pacific Resort Aitutaki, the ongoing coral restoration project exemplifies their daily commitment to ocean health. This initiative involves planting and restoring corals to rejuvenate the reefs around Aitutaki. Guests can participate, learning about the importance of coral ecosystems and contributing to their preservation. Additionally, the team annually cleans up the beachfront and roadside of Amuri, further demonstrating their dedication to the environment.

Activities Supporting World Ocean Day

In line with the 2024 theme, “Catalysing Action for our Ocean & Climate,” Cook Islands Tourism has organised several activities around the Pacific Islands to support World Ocean Day, including:

  • Walk the Trash Beach Clean-Up: On Friday, 7th June, gather a team, bring your own sacks, and spend an hour cleaning up the beach. This simple yet impactful activity helps remove rubbish and debris from the shores.
  • Korero O Te Orau Beach Clean-Up & Operation Taramea: Join volunteers in collecting crown-of-thorns starfish, which are then buried to provide valuable nutrients for the soil. This initiative aims to protect coral reefs and enhance marine biodiversity.
  • Pacific Divers Ocean Clean-Up: Certified scuba divers and free-divers can participate in cleaning up Avarua Harbour. This activity focuses on removing debris washed into the harbour, helping to restore and protect the marine environment.
  • Dive Rarotonga Staff Ocean & Coral Frames Clean-Up: The team at Dive Rarotonga will scuba dive outside the reef to collect debris and clean coral frames, ensuring the continued health and safety of the ocean.

Pacific Resort Hotel Group is proud to be part of these efforts and encourages guests to participate. By joining hands, they can make a significant impact on the environment, preserving the natural beauty of the oceans for future generations.

Explore more about these initiatives and join us in celebrating World Ocean Day 2024:

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Addressing Nitrate N Leaching in Twizel: Insights from Soil Scientist Dr Gordon Rajendram and Allan Piercy from Agraforum New Zealand

The Wairepo Catchment Group and the Omarama Stream Water Users Group of Mackenzie Country recently hosted a presentation titled “Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in New Zealand.” The event featured Dr Gordon Rajendram, a soil scientist and independent consultant, and Allan Piercy, managing director of Agraforum New Zealand. Held on 29 April 2024 in Twizel. The talk emphasised the urgent need to reduce nitrate N leaching by half to maintain farming consents, given the region’s low rainfall, cold winters, and predominant dairying, cattle and sheep farming. In order to farm sustainability in this area, there needs to be a whole catchment approach.

Dr Rajendram explained that the area’s soils, with an Anion Storage Capacity (ASC) averaging around 15% and low Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), are not conducive to retaining nutrients. This results in significant leaching losses, especially with higher stocking rates and cattle grazing on pastoral land. Nutrient loading rates in urine patches can be as high as 600-900 kg of nitrogen and potassium, which penetrate below the pasture root zone and leach into waterways.

 In any 1 year 28% of the paddock is covered in dung and urine at a 3 cow per hectare stocking rate.

Twizel experiences low annual rainfall, averaging around 700 mm, and cold temperatures, with winter lows often dropping below freezing. “These conditions hinder nutrient retention and increase the likelihood of leaching. The region relies on irrigation, which is vital for pasture production.” Dr Rajendram emphasised the importance of water availability for effective farming and practical solutions such as using biochar/humates (pure carbon source) to bind nitrogen and other nutrients, use of stand off pads/herd homes to reduce urination events on paddocks or reducing cattle/cow numbers to mitigate environmental impacts. If for instance the cattle were on stand off pads or a herd home for half a day, the nitrate leaching into water ways will reduce by half of what it is at present.

Dr. Rajendram explained that if pure carbon such as Biochar was used and was incorporated into the soil to achieve an approximate 10% biochar/90% soil ratio, it would reduce nitrate leaching down to zero. Any farmer can make biochar from Wilding pines which is a pest in the Mackenzie basin.  Rajendram explains that Trevor Richards of Biochar NZ gave a practical demonstration on a Twizel farm on making biochar in pits using Wilding pines.  

Rajendram et al 1996 Cation and Anion leaching (Article link)

 Allan Piercy’s Contributions from Agraforum New Zealand

Following Dr Rajendram’s presentation, Allan Piercy discussed Agraforum New Zealand’s role in providing solutions to nitrate N leaching. Piercy introduced several key products designed to enhance pasture production while reducing fertiliser dependency. A highlight of his talk was El-I-Tech’s Biodynamic N, a product that facilitates biological nitrogen fixation, significantly reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers.

Piercy emphasised that integrating these products into nutrient management plans can significantly reduce nutrient leaching and improve soil health. Other notable products mentioned included:

  • EnviroCal: Improves soil structure and water penetration, enhancing drought resistance.
  • ComCat: Activates plants’ root growth and defence mechanisms, increasing stress resistance and improving crop/product growth.
  • ZumSil: Enhances phosphate and mineral uptake, improving soil texture and water retention.

“Our products offer a practical solution to nutrient management challenges, helping farmers reduce leaching and improve soil health for long-term sustainability.” – Allan Piercy, Managing Director of Agraforum New Zealand

Piercy emphasised that integrating these products into a nutrient management plan can significantly reduce nutrient leaching and improve soil health. Agraforum New Zealand’s focus on sustainable farming practices ensures that their solutions not only address immediate nutrient retention issues but also contribute to long-term soil health and productivity.

These insights and solutions provide a comprehensive approach to tackling the nitrate N leaching challenge in Twizel, ensuring sustainable and productive farming practices. For more information on Agraforum New Zealand’s products, visit Agraforum New Zealand Products.

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Merge Communications, Wellington: Key Reasons Why Hackers Target Mobile Devices and How to Stop Them

In today’s digital era, mobile devices have become an integral part of daily life, offering convenience and connectivity. However, this increased reliance on mobile technology has also made these devices prime targets for hackers. Merge Communications of Wellington highlights the importance of safeguarding mobile devices from potential threats. Here’s why hackers focus on mobile devices and how they can be protected.

Why Hackers Target Mobile Devices

  • High Value of Data: Mobile devices store a wealth of personal and business data, including emails, contacts, financial information, and sensitive documents.
  • Vulnerable Applications: Many mobile apps do not follow stringent security protocols, making them susceptible to attacks. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in apps to gain access to devices and the data stored on them.
  • Inadequate Security Measures: Often, users do not implement robust security measures on their mobile devices. Weak passwords, lack of encryption, and infrequent updates create easy entry points for hackers.
  • Prevalence of Phishing Attacks: Mobile devices are frequently used for communication, making them prime targets for phishing attacks.
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks: Public Wi-Fi networks are convenient but often lack proper security. Hackers can intercept data transmitted over these networks, gaining access to personal and business information.

CERT NZ’s recent report highlights a 66% increase in financial losses due to cybercrime in the first quarter of 2023, reflecting the significant impact of these threats on individuals and businesses in New Zealand. Phishing and credential harvesting remain the most reported incident categories, accounting for a substantial portion of the 1,968 incidents responded to by CERT NZ in this period (CERTNZ).

How to Protect Mobile Devices

Use Samsung Knox: The foremost step in protecting mobile devices is using Samsung Knox, a defence-grade mobile security solution provided by Merge Communications. Samsung Knox offers multi-layered protection, ensuring that your data remains secure against sophisticated threats.

    • Strong Passwords and Biometrics: Ensure that mobile devices are secured with strong, unique passwords or biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition.
    • Regular Updates: Keep the device’s operating system and applications updated to patch security vulnerabilities. Enable automatic updates where possible to ensure you are protected against the latest threats.
    • App Permissions: Review the permissions requested by apps before installing them. Avoid granting unnecessary permissions that could compromise device security.
    • Public Wi-Fi Caution: Avoid conducting sensitive transactions, such as online banking, over public Wi-Fi networks. Use a virtual private network (VPN) for a more secure connection.

    Merge Communications is committed to helping individuals and businesses protect their mobile devices. By understanding why hackers target mobile devices and implementing Samsung Knox, it is possible to safeguard data and maintain digital security in New Zealand.

    Get in touch with Merge Communications today to learn what they can do for you!

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    Vibrant Transformation of Pacific Resort Rarotonga Loading Bay: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

    Like most Hotels and Resorts, the back of house at our resorts often takes a back seat to the public spaces that the guests see. In this behind-the-scenes look, we are happy to share changes to the loading bay at Pacific Resort Rarotonga. A space frequented daily by staff and often seen by suppliers and tradespeople.  This area has undergone a stunning transformation, captivating the attention of staff and visitors alike.

    Rejuvenating the Loading Bay

    The loading bay, while always clean, lacked vibrancy. Recognising the need for a refreshing change, Regional Manager Ani Thompson commissioned Kaia Dearlove for the task. Kaia is a prodigious young artist with deep familial ties to Pacific Resort Hotel Group. What began as a modest endeavour quickly evolved into an ambitious project, driven by Kaia’s boundless talent and unwavering dedication.

    The Importance of Colour

    Adding colour to the environment was essential.  University of Pennsylvania research highlights that positive emotions and attitudes at work are linked to better job performance, increased creativity, stronger teamwork, higher job engagement, also improved job satisfaction and organisational commitment.

    Choosing Orange and Midnight (Mana Blue)

    Orange, chosen based on insights from ‘Inspired Spaces,’ radiates warmth and happiness, combining the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Focussing minds on physical comfort, known for its optimistic and uplifting qualities. Midnight, or Mana Blue, is a key colour in Pacific Resort Hotel Group and Pacific Resort Rarotonga branding, framing the loading bay, and creating a visual effect that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

    Birds of Paradise and Pareu Prints

    Kaia needed to incorporate Birds of Paradise from the company logos into the floral design. She carefully studied the logos for Pacific Resort Rarotonga, Te Manava Luxury Villa’s and Spa, and Pacific Resort Hotel Group, seamlessly integrating them into her artwork. The result beautifully captures the brand’s essence, creating a visually stunning and meaningful mural. Additionally, Pareu prints reflect an integral part of Polynesian culture. Replicated on the wall, this brings cultural heritage and visual interest.

    About the Artist: Kaia Dearlove

    Kaia Dearlove, a well-known local artist, was the ideal choice for this project. Her grandfather, Neil Dearlove, supplied coffee beans to Pacific Resort Rarotonga for over a decade. And her grandmother, Janet, was renowned for her wedding cakes. Kaia’s artistic journey began with henna tattoos at local markets, becoming one of the most renowned young artists in Rarotonga.

    As the owner of Henna Raro, Kaia worked on the mural during the afternoons when the loading bay was less busy. Asked to incorporate elements of the Birds of Paradise from the company logos into her floral design, Kaia seamlessly integrated these elements into her artwork, beautifully capturing the brand’s essence. Her paintings and prints are available at the coffee shop. Kaia has a studio in Rarotonga, located in Matavera across from Kaps store. Follow her on Instagram @kopi_art.studio.

    Bringing the Project to Life

    Throughout the project, staff members, suppliers, and visitors frequently stopped to chat with Kaia about her art. She enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the positive interactions she had with the team. Kaia’s beautiful contribution to the space is greatly appreciated. It brings a vibrant, welcoming, and culturally resonant atmosphere to the Pacific Resort Rarotonga loading bay.

    The Pacific Resort Rarotonga loading bay project is a testament to the power of creativity and the impact of thoughtful design on everyday spaces.

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    Experience Long-Term Living at Te Koinga Cottage, Bethells Beach Cottages, Auckland

    By Fiona Stephen
    Nestled amidst the stunning landscape of Bethells Beach, Te Koinga Cottage offers an unparalleled escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Available for long-term rent, this charming retreat is ideal for a working professional or couple who can take advantage of the tranquil and inspiring environment.

    Te Koinga, meaning “the point or extremity between land and sea, with unobstructed views” lives up to its name by offering beautiful sites over the iron sands of Bethells Beach and the dramatic Tasman coast. This cottage provides the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and nature, ensuring a peaceful and serene living experience.

    As you step inside Te Koinga Cottage, you are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open-plan living area features a cosy lounge with plush seating, perfect for relaxing after a productive day. The fully-equipped kitchen allows you to prepare delicious meals, which can be enjoyed at the dining table or outside on the spacious deck, with sublime views of the sunsets. For the colder months, enjoy the winter warmth of the fire, creating a cosy and inviting environment.

    The cottage boasts two comfortable bedrooms. The master bedroom features a luxurious queen-sized bed, while the second bedroom is ideal as an office space or for occasional guests. The characterful bathroom is equipped with all the essentials, ensuring a comfortable stay.

    One of the highlights of Te Koinga Cottage is its deck, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding native bush and the distant ocean. This outdoor space is perfect for morning coffee, alfresco dining, or simply soaking in the natural beauty of Bethells Beach. The nearby beach itself is ideal for long, leisurely walks and provides a perfect backdrop for creative inspiration. The cottage also features a shared Scandinavian hot tub and a vegetable garden, adding to the overall wellness experience.

    Located just a 40-minute drive directly west of Auckland’s CBD, Te Koinga Cottage offers superb quiet while breathing in the wellness of salt airs. The proximity to the city makes it convenient for commuting, while the peaceful setting allows for a perfect work-life balance.

    For those seeking additional luxuries, the cottage offers the option to hire a chef, engage in holistic wellness options, arrange helicopter delivery, and host corporate functions with boardroom dining.

    Te Koinga Cottage at Bethells Beach is more than just a place to stay; it is a sanctuary where you can create lasting memories and enjoy a relaxed, beachside lifestyle. Consider making Te Koinga your long-term home and experience the tranquillity and beauty of this exceptional retreat.

    Te Koinga Cottage, Turehu Cottage, Wairua Apartment and Wedding & Events Pavilion

    Bethells Beach                Waitakere                  Auckland                     New Zealand

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    Enhancing Soil Magnetism and Addressing Compaction with Envirocal – Agraforum New Zealand

    Soil magnetism plays a crucial role in soil health, affecting nutrient availability, soil structure, and microbial activity. An often-overlooked cause of soil compaction is the loss of electrical charge in soil colloids—tiny charged particles essential for maintaining soil structure. This disruption, caused by excessive salts, sodium, and poor agricultural practices, weakens soil colloids, leading to compaction and degradation.

    Envirocal, a calcium-based soil conditioner, addresses these issues by enhancing the electrical charge of soil colloids. Calcium helps bind soil particles together into aggregates, improving soil structure and health. This creates a favourable environment for soil microbes, which are vital for forming soil aggregates and enhancing soil structure through the production of glomalin.

    Correcting Soil Compaction

    Compaction, often seen as a result of heavy machinery or excess rainfall, actually stems from the loss of electrical charge in soil colloids. These colloids act like magnets, with internal and external electrical charges that bind them into aggregates by attracting a balance of cations and anions. When this balance is disrupted by excessive salts (found in most fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides), sodium, or poor agricultural practices, the colloids weaken and disperse, leading to soil degradation and erosion.

    The key to mitigating compaction lies in correcting mineral balances, particularly by increasing available calcium. This enhances the electrical charge of soil colloids, promoting aggregation and improving soil health. Improved soil structure also fosters a hospitable environment for soil microbes, crucial for forming soil aggregates and enhancing soil structure through glomalin production.

    Addressing soil compaction and enhancing soil magnetism with Envirocal is essential for sustainable farming. By improving soil structure and nutrient availability, Envirocal helps create a healthier soil environment, leading to better crop yields and long-term soil health. As highlighted by Agraforum New Zealand, focusing on correcting the underlying causes of compaction is crucial for maintaining productive and sustainable agricultural practices.

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    Optimising Soil Health and Forage Growth in Winter – Profile Fertilisers, Whanganui

    Winter presents unique challenges for maintaining soil health and ensuring robust forage growth. Cold temperatures and heavy rainfall can lead to soil compaction and nutrient leaching, affecting crop productivity. Profile Fertilisers offers solutions to these issues, emphasising the importance of tailored fertilisation strategies to maintain soil vitality during the winter months.

    Effective winter soil management begins with understanding the specific needs of your soil. Regular soil testing is crucial to identify nutrient deficiencies and tailor fertilisation strategies accordingly. Profile Fertilisers provides comprehensive soil testing services, allowing farmers to make informed decisions about nutrient applications.

    Heavy machinery use and wet conditions can lead to soil compaction, hindering root growth and reducing soil aeration. To mitigate this, consider using soil conditioners and gypsum-based products to improve soil structure and drainage. These amendments help maintain porosity, ensuring roots have access to essential nutrients and oxygen.

    Winter rains can cause nutrient leaching, depleting soil of essential elements. Applying slow-release fertilisers can help maintain nutrient availability throughout the season. Profile Fertilisers offers a range of products designed to enhance nutrient retention and support plant health during winter.

    Incorporating cover crops during winter can improve soil structure, reduce erosion, and enhance organic matter content. Cover crops like clover and rye can fix nitrogen and protect soil from harsh weather conditions, creating a healthier environment for subsequent plantings.

    Profile Fertilisers advocates for customised fertilisation plans based on soil test results. By addressing specific soil needs, farmers can optimise nutrient uptake and improve forage growth, even in challenging winter conditions.

    Maintaining soil health during winter is crucial for sustainable farming. With tailored solutions from Profile Fertilisers, farmers can effectively manage soil compaction, nutrient retention, and overall soil vitality, ensuring robust forage growth and soil health year-round.

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    How to Implement Effective Mobile Security in Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide with Merge Communications, New Zealand

    As mobile devices become integral to business operations, securing them is paramount. Implementing effective mobile security requires a strategic approach, addressing various vulnerabilities and ensuring robust protection against cyber threats. Here’s a step-by-step guide from Merge Communications, your ‘go to’ company for effective mobile security solutions.

    1. Assess Your Current Security Posture

    Start by evaluating the existing security measures for your mobile devices. Identify any gaps or weaknesses in your current setup. This assessment should include an inventory of all mobile devices in use, their operating systems, and any security software currently installed.

    2. Develop a Comprehensive Mobile Security Policy

    Create a detailed mobile security policy outlining acceptable use, security protocols, and the responsibilities of employees. This policy should cover aspects such as password requirements, encryption standards, and guidelines for accessing corporate data remotely.

    3. Implement Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

    Deploy an MDM solution to manage and secure all mobile devices within your organisation. MDM tools enable you to enforce security policies, remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices, and monitor device compliance. Choose an MDM solution that fits the size and needs of your business.

    4. Ensure Regular Software Updates and Patches

    Keep all mobile operating systems and applications up-to-date with the latest security patches. Regular updates are crucial in protecting against known vulnerabilities and new cyber threats.

    5. Educate Employees on Mobile Security Best Practices

    Conduct training sessions to educate employees about mobile security risks and best practices. Emphasise the importance of recognising phishing attempts, using strong passwords, and avoiding public Wi-Fi networks for accessing sensitive information.

    6. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Require multi-factor authentication for accessing corporate resources. MFA adds an extra layer of security by combining something the user knows (password) with something they have (security token or mobile device).

    7. Encrypt Sensitive Data

    Ensure all sensitive data stored on mobile devices is encrypted. Encryption protects data from unauthorised access, even if the device is compromised.

    8. Regularly Review and Update Security Measures

    Mobile security is an ongoing process. Regularly review and update your security measures to address emerging threats and incorporate new technologies.

    By following these steps, your business can establish a robust mobile security framework. Merge Communications emphasises that proactive security measures are essential to protect valuable data and ensure smooth operations. Implementing these practices can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks, keeping your business secure and competitive in the digital age.

    Get in touch with Merge Communications today to learn what they can do for you!

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    Mobile Devices – An Under-Recognised Business Risk: Merge Communications Spotlights the Neglected Frontier of Mobile Device Security

    Press Release

    Merge Communications 28-5-24

    Did you know that there are 5.9 million mobile phone connections in New Zealand?

    While most New Zealand businesses take laptop and traditional IT hardware cyber protection seriously, mobile devices tend to be overlooked. A significant number of business mobile phones and tablets in New Zealand are not equipped with sufficient cybersecurity measures, leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks and exploitation.

    Recognising the growing need for business mobile phone and tablet protection, Wellington’s Merge Communications presents Samsung Knox as protection against mobile device digital attacks. As leaders in Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, they reinforce the importance of robust mobile device digital defence for businesses.

    Mobile Phones: The Overlooked Risk in Business Security

    The disparity in security measures between laptops/desktops and smartphones is stark. Many businesses, equipped with advanced security systems and tools for traditional computing devices, unwittingly leave a gaping vulnerability with mobile phones. This oversight leaves the door wide open to an array of threats, placing corporate data in jeopardy.

    Motivating Businesses Toward Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

    Some businesses might have delayed implementing protection for mobile devices, mistakenly thinking it to be either challenging or costly. However, the technology has advanced significantly, and there are now tools available to safeguard your mobile devices that are both simple to use and affordable.

    Applying modern cybersecurity tools to your mobile devices provides robust security measures against a variety of cyber threats:

    • Phishing, where hackers deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information through seemingly legitimate messages or emails,
    • Malware, with malicious software installed on the device to steal data or monitor activities without the user’s knowledge,
    • Spyware, a specific type of malware, clandestinely observes the user’s actions and collects personal information,
    • SIM swapping attacks involve hackers transferring a victim’s phone number to a SIM card in their possession, enabling them to intercept messages and bypass security protocols,
    • Lastly, network spoofing, where hackers create fake Wi-Fi networks to lure users into connecting, allows them to easily capture any data transmitted over the network.

    A Cautionary Tale of Complacency

    A single successful cyber-attack on a mobile device that results in data loss for a business or organisation could result in a breach of the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, under which fines start at $10,000 per instance and have been known to be as high as $150,000.  This is without counting the brand damage caused and any other costs incurred to recover from the data breach.

    Presenting Samsung Knox: An Innovative Solution for a Global Issue

    Samsung Knox is an all-encompassing mobile security solution, endorsed by Merge Communications, which is designed to fortify businesses against the multifaceted mobile device cyber threats faced today. It is versatile, supporting anywhere from 20 to over 1000 connections within a company, proving it’s suitable not only for large corporates but for smaller enterprises as well. “Samsung Knox is a game-changer in the way we approach mobile security,” asserts Paul Butterworth, Managing Director of Merge Communications. “It’s about elevating our defence mechanisms, ensuring our business systems are fortified against the range of cybersecurity threats.”

    Corporate Cabs, acclaimed as a “Superbrand” for two consecutive years, has chosen Samsung Knox for its mobile device management needs. Mobile phones and tablets are crucial in Corporate Cabs’ operations, requiring top-notch security, reliability, and maintenance. Samsung Knox delivers a leading-edge solution, enabling Corporate Cabs to easily manage, secure, and customise devices through a user-friendly cloud portal.

    Crafting a Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Device Security

    Adopting an effective mobile device security stance involves more than just technical solutions; it demands a strategic approach to mobile device security. With Samsung Knox, businesses can secure their mobile environments comprehensively, addressing everything from active device management to the secure disposal and data sanitisation of obsolete devices.

    About Merge Communications

    At the forefront of mobile cybersecurity, Merge Communications specialises in crafting solutions that tackle the digital age’s challenges head-on. With a focus on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and pioneering technologies like Samsung Knox, Merge Communications is dedicated to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed for secure and efficient operations in today’s interconnected world.


    For more information, please visit www.mergecom.co.nz or contact:

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