What is Management Accounting?

What is Management Accounting?

Management Accounting involves financial and non-financial ‘decision-making’ information provided to managers and stakeholders within an organisation.

It is an accounting method that creates statements, reports and documents to help businesses make better-informed decisions with performance.

It provides operational business metrics and market analysis that help to forecast future purchases and investments for company growth.

What are the typical duties associated with Management Accounting?

Although it varies from organisation to organisation, some of the essential duties associated with management accounting include:

  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Completing all tax paperwork
  • Producing financial statements such as income statements
  • Analysis, risk assessment and forecasting
  • Overseeing internal audits
  • Identifying areas for financial savings
  • Identifying areas for economic growth
  • Advising senior personnel and decision-makers on strategic planning

What are the 7 Functions of Management Accounting?

Essentially, the 7 typical functions of a management account encompass the below:

  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Organising
  • Performance Variances
  • Coordinating
  • Communication
  • Analyses and Interprets Data
  • Business Asset Protection
  • Tax policies

What is the difference between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting?

Financial Accountants record and report spending and transactions related to business operations.

Management Accountants help managers with decision-making.

It requires strong leadership skills combined with a sound knowledge and understanding of various topics.

These include market trends, compliance, and risk management.

A good Management Accountant ensures the future growth and profitability of a company.

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