New Plymouth-based Go Street Restaurant and Bar is Excited for Americarna: A Celebration of Automotive Culture 21-24th February 2024

At Go Street Restaurant and Bar, nestled in the heart of New Plymouth, they eagerly anticipate one of the most thrilling events that rev up the local community—the annual Americarna festival. As a gathering place for those who appreciate the beauty and power of American cars, they are excited to share their perspective on this incredible celebration.

Americarna – Photo Credit Tony and Rhonda

A Glimpse into Americarna:

Americarna is an annual festival that pays homage to American cars and the culture surrounding them. The event typically takes place over several days, bringing together car enthusiasts, owners, and spectators to revel in the beauty and power of classic and contemporary American automobiles. What sets Americarna apart is its unique blend of car shows, cruises, entertainment, and community spirit.

Car Shows:

One of the highlights of Americarna is the impressive array of American cars on display. From iconic muscle cars to vintage classics, the car shows feature a diverse collection that spans decades of automotive history. Enthusiasts and car owners proudly showcase their meticulously maintained vehicles, providing a visual feast for attendees who share a passion for American automotive excellence. At Go Street, they love seeing the patrons marvel at the craftsmanship and beauty they have seen at the festival.


The festival is not confined to stationary displays; it comes to life with exhilarating cruises through the city. Imagine the rumble of V8 engines echoing through the streets as a convoy of American cars parades through New Plymouth. These cruises offer a dynamic experience for both participants and onlookers, creating an immersive celebration of automotive culture.


Beyond the roaring engines and shiny chrome, Americarna features a diverse range of entertainment options. Live music, food festivals, and family-friendly activities complement the automotive showcase, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Americarna festival, Go Street Restaurant and Bar is thrilled to be at the epicentre of this celebration of American automotive culture. From the vibrant cruises to the spectacular car displays, Americarna brings a unique energy to New Plymouth. Head over to Go Street to raise a glass to the spirit of Americarna—where the passion for American cars meets the heart of our community.

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