The Content Bucket – How to Create a Powerful Online Presence

Content themes – or the content bucket method – are a brilliant way to help you create content and put together a practical social media plan for your business.

You want your social channels to be a fountain of engaging content for people to come back to. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of businesses make is just talking about themselves on their channels all day long, which can get a bit boring for your audiences.

But what else could you talk about? This is where the content buckets come in. The content bucket method will help you to diversify your content and share information that is relevant and helpful for your audiences.

Think about what your audiences are interested in, other than your business. Write down a whole list of potential topics. Some of these will then become your content buckets.The purpose of your content buckets is to ensure your content is interesting for your audiences so they want to follow you. This framework will also help you with an abundance of ideas and bring structure into your social media approach.

Here are a few examples and must-have content buckets for your business.

Authority content – how to 

This type of content is very popular. The purpose of authority content is to share your hottest tips and knowledge in order to build your authority and credibility. This type of content will help you demonstrate your expertise and build trust with your audiences.

  •  Hairdressers: How to style your hair in five minutes or less 
  •  Interior designers: The five interior design hacks that will transform your living room
  •  Consultants: How to put together your business plan with these three simple steps.

Industry news and trends 

Industry news and trends are another essential content bucket for your business. This is where you share information and the latest news in your industry. What are the latest trends? What does the future look like? What’s happening right now that might be of interest to your audiences? This type of content is especially popular on LinkedIn.

Here are a few examples:

  •  Chiropractors: The latest innovations in biotech
  • Restaurants: Food trends of the year
  • Graphic designers: The colour of the year.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes content is one of the most popular content buckets. People absolutely love seeing behind the scenes of a business because it shows your humanity – so make sure you keep it real. This type of content includes introducing team members, showing your audiences your workspaces, a tour through your offices and a picture of your team at team dinner or movie night.

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