Harvey (Graeme) Foote – Advantage Business Advisors

Harvey (Graeme) Foote

Harvey (Graeme) Foote joined Advantage Business Advisors after selling his first business. His role transcended from being a business owner to a beacon of guidance for others. Harvey dedicates his expertise to helping business owners navigate through their problems and achieve the success they’ve dreamt of at Advantage Business Advisors. He has a holistic approach, focusing on key areas such as People, Finance, Systems, Growth, and Succession, ensuring a well-rounded strategy for success.

Harvey’s work is instrumental in rekindling business owners’ original dreams. Assisting them by navigating their challenges and seizing opportunities, he enables them to transform their businesses into the ventures they always envisioned.

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021 288 9226


Advantage Business Advisers (Waikato)

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027 458 7724



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Felipe Rapucci – Good Honest Tattoos

Felipe Rapucci

Felipe Rapucci established Good Honest Tattoos in 2014 with a clear-cut aim: to offer extraordinary tattoos and permanent make-up at straightforward prices, whilst also fostering outstanding customer service.

As the name of the business suggests, Felipe’s work is committed to honesty, quality, and making a positive contribution to both individuals and the community as a whole. Good Honest Tattoos specializes in bespoke tattoos, digital art, permanent make-up, and entertainment, ensuring each piece of art is as unique as the person who wears it.

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Adam Brady – Manor Realty

Adam Brady, Head Property Manager, appreciates that the company utilises a blend of innovative content creation and modern technology to transform how property management services are delivered. Founded on the principle of efficiency, communication, and maximizing value for owners and investors, Manor Realty brought a fresh perspective to the real estate market.

Its boutique service model, which focuses on managing smaller portfolios, ensures customer satisfaction. Adam’s vision of tailor-made property management solutions that meet each client’s unique needs is reflected in this approach, which ensures each client receives a personalised, efficient, and highly communicative level of service.

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Tyren Mulder – Tech ResQ

Tyren Mulder

Tyren’s business offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services designed to protect companies from all types of cyber threats. He offers sophisticated threat detection and prevention, automated software updates, email solutions, backups and disaster recovery plans, remote support, and complex data security systems to ensure businesses remain secure and functional no matter their challenges.

Targeting primarily new and small businesses, he recognises the significance of setting a robust digital security foundation from the start. Businesses lacking an IT department, those at risk of cyber threats, organizations handling sensitive data, and businesses seeking to secure their digital assets against unauthorised access or loss are especially benefited from services.

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Contact Phillip Quay

027 458 7724 phillip@nzbusinessconnect.co.nz


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Champion Travel

Champion Travel was founded in 1988 by Maxwell Burns, having such a rich history over four decades the company has a deep understanding of both business and leisure travel needs. Maxwell Burns’ passion for travel was a strong desire to fill a gap in the market for such a tailored travel service in New Zealand. 

To satisfy the demands of its diverse clientele, Champion Travel offers a comprehensive range of travel solutions. Champion Travel is more than just a travel agency; it’s a journey architect – they make memories that last a lifetime.

Contact Maxwell Burns

Phone: 021 022 02220
Email: info@championtravel.co.nz


Contact Phillip Quay

027 458 7724



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Dylan Pehi and John Kane – XP Electrical

Behind XP Electrical – Industrial Electrical Specialists

We’re a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced industrial electricians offering the full package of services from electrical design and planning through to project management and execution.

The gold for us is in seeing customers’ reactions to the finished product. Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing we’ve done an exceptional job and that’s what drives us to produce quality work time after time.

It’s important to us that we understand exactly what you’re looking for before we get started. We spend time up front working with you (and your budget) to get a clear picture of this.

Contact XP Electrical

027 9735 321


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Matt Solomona – Maisy Harris and Co

At MHCo we believe in putting the pedal to the metal, rolling up our sleeves and getting you beyond your end goal. We like to be in the engine room because that is where we have impact, that is where we can challenge you, support you and make you better.

Matt is the Director in Tauranga, since 2019. He is the in-house ‘business development captain’, bringing with him his sharp skills and knowledgeable insights!

In his spare time, Matt can be found playing football, or showcasing his sub-par golf skills.

Contact Matt:

021 369 709



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Jared Newing – ProFlow Plumbing

Welcome to Proflow Plumbing Services

Available 24 hours a day, for all your plumbing, gas fitting, drainage and heating needs. Servicing throughout Hamilton and the Waikato region.

We understand the most important part of our business is you. Whether you require an urgent repair, or want to consult with us on your upcoming renovations and new build dreams, have a look through our services and enquire to become a valued customer today. 

Contact Jared Today:

027 766 7887



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Graham Roberts – Craigs Investment Partners

Having been in business for nearly 40 years, Craigs Investment Partners has emerged as the top personal wealth advisory company in New Zealand. Our locally-based company assists New Zealanders in navigating the challenges associated with investing.

Whether it be through KiwiSaver, a UK pension transfer, or a customized managed portfolio for someone wishing to diversify their wealth, either to develop it into retirement or to help sustain them in retirement, we manage investment portfolios for a variety of clients.

Get in touch with Graham:
M: 0211875577
E: graham.roberts@craigsip.com
W: https://craigsip.com/

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Jason Hughes – Lugtons Real Estate

Jason is here to relieve the stress from what he knows can be an extremely stressful and emotional process by offering a comprehensive and complete home sale procedure. Jason has over ten years of experience in banking, so he is well-versed in all facets of the purchasing and selling process. His professional yet approachable demeanour will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

You’ll quickly discover that he is a natural relationship builder who keeps his word and will stop at nothing to get the greatest results for his clients.

Get in touch with Jason:

M: 027 337 0500
E:  jason.hughes@lugtons.co.nz

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